Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Decorations

Easter is right around the corner! So exciting. Have you found some cute Easter decorations to celebrate? Here are some cute and easy ways to add a little bit more of Easter in your life.
Printable banners are a quick and easy way to decorate your place cute for Easter. You can find printables everywhere online, find a cute frame, and place it where everyone can see it. This designer chose to place colorful eggs the same colors as in this printable Easter art. From:
I think this Easter display is so elegant. They probably had this mirror up already over the mantle, but they used the same kind of design to incorporate an Easter feel. They included a cute outline of a bunny in a frame, some springtime cherry blossoms, egg wreath and topiary which looks so good, and some other filler elements. Turned out so elegant and more subtle than some of the decor you see. From:
For Easter, you have an excuse to put the cutest bunnies and chicks all over. Another way you can incorporate Easter decor is for your front door or doorknob like we see here. Found at:

This wall is great! So interesting how they put together many different swatches of fabrics in the back and added layers by placing flowers and butterflies on top then a "Happy Easter" banner. On the console table they have many other Easter trees, candies, bunnies, etc. to celebrate the holiday. They also used subtle colors in their display. From PB Kids.
You can also find or buy art pieces to place on the wall or with a display. Found at:
Here is one of m favorite Easter decor that I want to make. Paint eggs in chalk paint (you can even speckle them with a darker paint), then use a stamp to write sayings on the eggs. Then display them in a nest, bowl, vase, whatever you want! From:
Here is some bright decor using mallow bunnies. I like the banner and also the larger bunnies below. These would be fun especially for kids.Found at:

You can also decorate for Easter with great pennants. I love the Easter color and feel and you can place the pennants in a variety of places from your child's bedroom, at an entrance, above a table or mantle etc. and

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hanging Mobiles From The Ceiling

I found some great examples of mobiles you can hang from the ceiling. Of course you see the mobiles that connect to the baby crib and hang over, but I really like the idea of hanging decorations such as mobiles on the ceiling. I know that it may take a few months for the baby to see mobiles if they are higher above the crib, but maybe it is a good idea when they are old enough to stand up in the crib so they won't knock the crib mobile off!
Look how great these butterflies are. Definitely something a little girl would love looking at. I'm sure that since it is by the window that they move really well in the breeze.

Here is another butterfly mobile from the ceiling. This time it is one piece with many strands of butterflies. I like how this is lower by the crib. A mobile doesn't need to be directly over a crib as well. Look at this cute sheep mobile inbetween the two cribs.

Here is a mobile placed in the corner. There are lanterns and paper poms with pinks, peaches, coral, and whites. Looks so good. Just be careful to secure these mobiles because you wouldn't want them to fall in the crib and have the baby play with them. These cute pendant banners are found everywhere. On cakes, on banners, and on cute decor in baby rooms. Look how cute this is above the baby crib.

This style is definitely me. Love the symetrical design above the crib. Chandilier right the middle, a mirror, and white poms on either side. So elegant.This is another great mobile idea using laterns hanging from the ceiling. I love too how it is in front of the window so from the outside it looks just as good!
These pictures were all from PB kids

Thursday, March 29, 2012

KalosCandy Onsie Treats

On Etsy I stumbled across the cutest baby shower 'desserts.' KalsoCandy puts together baby shower gifts and favors using essentials of baby washcloths, socks, onsies, and hats.
Here is a cute set to look like cupcakes. I love how they decorate the box so cute with ribbon and flowers.
Here are some washcloths like lollipops. So clever
Here are some more lollipops. They used two washcloths to make the swirl effect. Again, amazing decor and attention to detail, in these boxes too you can find more things like onsies.
Here is another dessert made like a sundae. They found adorable dessert cups and used a variety of baby essentials.
Here is a boy box of 'cupcakes.'
They even designed roses from washclothes or baby things.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where You Can Find Chevron In A Nursery

Chevron is a really popular pattern right now. You can find chevron everywhere and it is especially cute in baby nurseries for both boys and girls.
This nursery has a wonderful chevron rug on the floor with teal and white colors. They used grays and whites which could have made the room really subtle and calm, but the bright pops of color make this room feel more vibrant and bright. These 'pops' with the orange and pinks as accents all over the room from the wall art and changing table. My favorite is the pop of pink hidden at the skirting of the crib, ties everything in so well.
Here is chevron patterns in wall decor. Super simple and way cute. I like how the frames are all white and they chose different colors with white chevron. These pictures have animals on top of the chevron, but you could customize your framed pieces and could do something else like initials, names, trains, ballerinas, flowers, etc. over the chevron. There are so many options from this cute idea.

Here is chevron in baby bedding from Carousel Designs. If you saw the post about Oliver's Room, there is way cute chevron in the bedding and carpet in similar colors. The yellow and gray used are perfect together. Even if you wanted to make the room more girly and replace the gray chevron with a peach or a pink, it would look really good with everything this baby room.

Here is another example of chevron in a baby nursery, this time as accessories in the pillows, foot rest, and on the changing table. The dark gray chevron looks great with the turquoise, whites, and charcoal. (From The designer chose white furniture, curtains, shelves, and frames which really goes well with the colors in the room. You can't really see, but the floor is a dark wood which makes the lighter and darker colors in the room go well with each other.

Here is chevron on a nursery room wall. Look how great this looks, the designer chose to have one accent wall made with a gray and white chevron pattern. They also chose yellow, gray, and some teal in their design like in a photo photo above. For me, I would chose a different image above the baby crib like a mirror or large frame around the letter. I know you don't want to cover up too much of the chevron wall, but the "G" looks out of place and hidden in the same color wall and behind the mobile.
Here is another fabulous chevron piece. This chair has a thinner chevron pattern and the bold pattern and color make this piece stand out. For this chair I would definitely take the large pillow away (it covers it up too much) and replace it with a smaller pillow or no pillow at all. Anyway, such a cute addition to this nursery. (From
The rest of the pictures are from Wee Decor

Monday, March 26, 2012

Oliver's Nursery

My friend Kayley is expecting soon and designed the CUTEST baby nursery for baby Oliver!!! He is due just around the corner and I know will be so happy to stay in this nursery.
In the nursery she used grey, yellows, and blues. She used a lot of great patterns which has made everything look so amazing and matches so well. She has such a great eye for design.

Above the crib she has a plane mobile from Pottery Barn. I love how the shadows of the planes bounce off of the walls and have colors as well. I like how she chose a white crib and it goes well against the light grey wall and the white trim. The chevron rug is from Urban Outfitters and is a great size and perfect color in this room.

Such a cute reading corner. Kayley chose a turqoise chair from Nadeau which really stands out. It really isn't a color found anywhere else in the room (except for that book on the shelf) but it is perfect and is a great eye catching piece for this nursery. Too cute, especially with a monogramed pillow.

This wall also has airplanes on it! The pictures have some of the colors found throughout the room and I love how these art pieces are placed.
I love the bookcases with the color in the back of the shelves. So cute, and there is more chevron and her yellow and grey colors that help this room flow so nicely. This chair too looks way comfy (from Babies 1st Furniture) which is good because I'm sure she will be sitting a lot. Great job!!! Kayley is such a great decorator and has so many cute ideas you can find at:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sage Diaper Cake

How can you have a baby shower without an amazing diaper cake. These can be time consuming to make (especially if you are including a ton of diapers and all kinds of accessories) so buying a diaper cake is definitely an option.
I love this sage colored diaper cake. It is so cute and was shipped with care from Baby Box who has TONS of the cutest diaper cakes. There are 40 diapers wrapped together with ribbon, some cute flowers and a ceramic baby block on top. So cute.
Here is the diaper cake from the side. Love the material that it was wrapped in as well.
Perfect diaper cake.

Sunday Thoughts: Humility

C.S. Lewis has always been one of my favorites and I love when he is quoted. I love this quote because we live in a selfish time, people think that they 'deserve' a certain lifestyle, certain things, and can have a certain attitude. All of us have so much and probably more than the world around us. Are we putting ourselves and our selfish attitude first? We need to make sure we think about others around us, we will be so much happier if we are thinking about our families, about people at work or school, or those we might not know but are willing to serve.
We will find so much happiness in our lives once we put our prideful self away and put others first.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Green Colored Nurseries

What colors have you decided for your nursery. If you want some green colored nurseries here are some great ones to spark your creativity.
Green was used in this baby nursery as a soft pallet and the main green item is the curtains and the one wall of wallpaper that has the same color of green, but in a soft pattern. I love too how the wallpaper has a feel of nature and the chandelier in the center is a birds cage which definitely tied in the feel they were going for.

This baby room also used soft tones of green and sprinkled in some blues and yellows. Green goes well with many colors and you can tell from this room that there are few colors of greens (in the bedding, wall art, rug) but it ties in so well and was done right.

This nursery is so cute. Pale green wall with a designed tree and pink flowers all over. The bed/ swing is a different color of green which I like because it stands out from the wall so that is your focus. I'm glad they used white in the bed, chair, and rug which keeps that soft feeling in this space.
Green can be used more as a bold color. This wall with a green stripe is so cute and is the same color as the green bedding. The dark crib makes this crib stand out as well.

Who says that green nurseries are only for baby boys? This room has light green, pink, and white which look so great in this space. The walls have the same width green and white stripes and there are pink accents all over. So cute.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby Portrait Props

How old is your little boy or girl? Do you have pictures of them, video, precious moments and words documented so you can remember? Whether your baby is a few months old or a few years old you should take the time to take pictures of them. Baby pictures are so important to have because you can look back and remember those amazing times... because they do go by so quick and don't last forever. Here are some of my favorite baby pictures:
This photographer took an amazing picture of this little baby and used great props. They used these pink balloons and vintage chair which made it a perfect picture for this little girl.

I love baby pictures that use vintage frames. Look at the attention that it 'frames' around these little girls in their adorable frilly dresses.

Found at:
Found at:
Another cute prop you can use in baby photos are letters. I love when they spell out a baby's name, initial, LOVE, whatever it might be. Way cute.
Found at:
Look at these two precious angels in their baskets. Both have a blanket to prop them up so they won't fall under and be hidden. Notice too these cute headbands on these girls. These are definitely pictures you'll look back on and remember all of those times when they were just tiny.