Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Banner with Tulle Spiderwebs

I am so excited to share my Halloween banner!!!! I've been looking online for cute ideas and when I went to Hobby Lobby my ideas kept evolving until I came up with this:

As you can see I have an orange background, black letters, silver sparkly spider webs, and tulle that I used for underneath every other spiderweb.
I first started by laying down the paper in the right order. Making this shape for the banner was easy. I cut the paper into rectangles of 4x6 and created a template and cut out all of the other papers out.

For the letters with the tulle on it, I first glued down the letter.
I cut strips of tulle roughly 14x6. Along the short side I gathered the whole piece by folding it back and forth like an accordion and twisting the middle in place. I just easily used a hot glue gun for the center and let that dry.

I glued the tulle on top of the letter somewhere

I cut out these spiderwebs (and the black letters) with my Cricut. I used a silver polka-dotted paper with glitter circles which created a really cool effect on the spiderweb.

For everyother letter, I would glue the letter entangled in a spiderweb. After I was done with all of the letters, I layed them down on a sparkly black ribbon I found.

I decided that I didn't want to cut into the paper (especially since I used letters that were large) so I hot glued the letters on top of the ribbon.

I glued the 'flags' of the banner about 1/2 an inch apart.

The lighting in the room is soft so it might not be too clear but here is the banner that I put on the wall to take pictures.

Conference Weekend

What a beautiful weekend for conference!It was reall sunny but here we are on the conference deck.
It was wonderful to go to conference and be in the same room as our leaders. I was especially excited to hear at conference that the Provo Tabernacle we lived right by is turning into a temple!!!


Emma and her friends came down so I met up and went shopping the day before and we went to a Sunday session together.

Chris by the fountains. It reminded me of when we got married and we were taking pictures on the temple grounds and we saw the fountain way in the distance (its not always on) and we booked it and I was in my huge heels.

One of my old roommates and I went to RS Conference which was also great to be at. The view was absolutely beautiful when we were leaving.

I was especially touched by President Uchtdorf's talk about "Forget Not..."