Thursday, July 29, 2010

Engagement Pictures!!!

Wow, we got our pictures done by Ryan Pearson and I am just so impressed with his work and how on top of everything he is. We took our pictures and got them back a few days ago and its so fun to pick our favorites and find which ones we should use!
I helped design our invites which was AWESOME!! Ryan will show us them today and I'm so excited.
If we could narrow the 240+ pics, these would be them: (we have many more on fb)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Church Talk- Holy Spirit

Today I gave a church talk in my ward. The talk was about how the gospel has blessed my life and since I had limited time, I talked about the Holy Ghost and how that aspect of the gospel has blessed my life in so many ways.

Four areas I hit on were:
1) Recognizing the Holy Ghost and how we can do that (D&C 9)
2) Standing in Holy Places
3) Following the inspiration/ revelation
4) Expressing gratitude

All of these are so important as we have the gift of the Holy Ghost to be with us after we are baptized. We need to remain in areas where we can feel his spirit and when receiving revelation, we need to follow it. Expressing gratitude to God (whether prayer, writing the experiences down, or recognizing in some way) God blesses us more with further blessings and opportunities to feel the spirit.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Breaking the record for the World's Largest Water Balloon Fight

Tell me this doesn't look fun. It was SO COOL!

Yesterday we went to BYU to be a part of the thousands of people breaking the World Record for the largest water fight with 120,000 water balloons. I was so excited! Chris and I got there when the waivers were all gone so we waited around for a little while then got onto the field.
All the tv cameras preped, Cosmo was there in his finest, everyone had either yellow, orange, pink, blue, or green on to determine teams. They ran out of shirts but Chris got me a yellow one, we ran to a huge tent and grabbed a grocery sack each which was filled with about 20-30 water balloons and then we waited for the countdown.

Here we are nice and dry before the event. We are so glad to wear tennis shoes to protect our feet and run really good.

Wow, all wet from the fight. They counted down and all 4,000 of us threw them. It looked crazy we were getting wet from every direction, actually I'm mostly wet from Chris hahah, but it was so fun.
Apparently on tv it said it took three days to fill up all of the water balloons and 6 minutes to go through all of them. Since Chris and I were on the side it was great because we were by the tent to grab more of them.

After the fight was over we waited in line where they had huge sandwiches, water, and BYU ice cream. Was this a good decision to go to today? Heck yes. We beat the crowd leaving and drove to the duck pond where we ate our food.

Babies!!! Look at them aren't they cute?! I got so close because the mother duckie was behind the tree and didn't see me approach. Wow what a fun day

Saint George with the Pearsons

Last week was so much fun getting back to Utah then heading down to Saint George with Chris' family. After his work, we drove down with his dad and by the time we got there around 10pm... it was just under 100 degrees. It was SO hot the whole time but we got some good color and relaxed around the condo and pool.

I loved the palm trees all around and at the pool it was so hot going from the pool to the pool chairs with our towels that you had to run.

On our way down we had stopped and saw this huge rocking chair that was really tall

We went exploring one day and Chris took me to a cave thing his family calls the Narrows. We didn't go through it but I loved seeing the red rock and trying to carve our initials into the rock

We also went to the temple one day to do work for some of my ancestors. It was an amazing opportunity and I loved being there with Chris and feeling so close to him and the spirit.

A breathtaking sunset we saw on our way home. It was so beautiful. I can't wait to go back there soon

My wedding ring

Coming back from Michigan, Chris picked me up from the airport. I was so excited to see him and we hugged and kissed as he helped me get everything into the car. When I was waiting by the curb, he ran over something plastic so when I was loaded into the car and he said "wow look what that thing did to my tire"... I got out and he was on a knee once again with the real ring that came in!!
A man stopped and was so amazed and asked to take our picture for us and said he was starting to get emotional haha.

Here are some pictures of the ring!!! It's so beautiful and has ovals!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting ready for engagement pics

Chris got the cutest haircut today! I've made him grow it out for engagement pictures which we'll have tomorrow and am so excited. We planned all the details for our outfits and hope everything looks good together.
I'm wearing ginormous shoes and still feel like I'm so tiny standing next to him. I'm also so proud because I have grown out my nails for this blessed occasion. I have ALWAYS bit my nails and am so proud I haven't done so for two or three months so they'll look beautiful for the pics.

Anyway if you need an amazing place for cutting, styling, coloring, you name it for your hair, this is our favorite spot to go!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Book I made for Chris for meeting a year ago!

Chris and I met a year ago today!!!

I can't believe it's been that long but its been so great!!! When we met a year ago, Chris was with about 8 of his buddies and I was with one of my girly friends. I thought Chris was so cute and wanted to talk to him and remember us catching glances and having a cute unforgetable moment. When talking to him I remember my first thoughts were he was so kind, funny, good looking, his friends bragged about how smart he was, and I remember him being put together.

When all of us were heading back to our cars, the two cars which the boys were in got TOWED! I ended up driving Chris and his buddy to rescue their cars and Chris got my number before they went home. He asked me out shortly after that and we went with Clint and his date to the new Harry Potter movie that came out. Chris apologizes to this day that that was our first date but I loved it and it JUST had came out.

I've been thinking about all of the times we've had and the many more to come and decided for the "one year" to make a book through It's called "Lucky I'm in Love with My Best Friend".. disgustingly cute I know.

The first page has a note to Chris of how much he means to me and how I love him. Dang, sorry about this being fuzzy pics, I was in the car.

So cute! There's pictures througout this year we've dated and love quotes with them.

Mixbook was awesome because you had choices to design your own pages or follow outlines.

They did a great job even if its hard to tell. I loved doing it and we'll prob have it laying out at the wedding.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

This coming week anniversaries with Chris

TODAY 7/10: Two months till we're married!!!
TOMORROW 7/11: A year from the first day we met
THURSDAY 7/15: Month since we've been engaged
SATURDAY 7/17: Official for 11 months with Chris

We won't celebrate everything, but I'm remembering all of our amazing times and events that have happened. Love ya Chris!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Found the Dress!!!

Things are coming together so much for my wedding. I know the day, colors, timing, location, pictures, invitations I need to wait till the pictures, cute outfits, the rings and now my dress!

What a huge relief I'm so excited I found it out east I can't wait to wear it!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Four-Wheeling Fun

Four- wheeling with Clint and Chris. Here they are after we drove this side-by-side up some water.

There was a tree in the middle of the stream so we hooked it up to the front of the red four-wheeler and got it out of the way. I loved seeing them get excited to do that.

Chris and I driving the two four-wheelers. It was my first time going on and driving one.

We hiked too and loved the water and mountains all around us.

When we went to Jackson Hole for a few hours to see the shootout at 6pm. It was so neat. Some guy even proposed to one of the characters.