Monday, October 10, 2011

Cute Fashion Ideas for Fall

Yay, it's the beginning of fall and its so fun cracking out the boots and coats. Now that I pinterest I love finding cute ideas of fashion ideas for fall. Here are some ideas:

I love the riding boots with the skinny jeans. Peacoats are timeless and come in so many cute colors and patterns. I also like the button down shirt.

Scarfs are also such a great accessory and come in so many different kinds. I love the thin belts in style and also black skinny jeans (I'm not sure if these are black or not to be honest).
I like Jennifer Aniston and most of these outfits are pretty modest. I like how classic they are from the colors and styles and it's the accessories she uses to make it pop.

Cute, I love the scarf and cardigans in the fall. I love the look of layering and even though skinny jeans are in, I still like flared jeans. Chandilier earrings are my favorite
I love baggy shirts and I like how this one is slightly fitted around the body. I love pearls and Toms with my outfits too!

Here is a cute outfit for work. I love the ruffled shirt and most things ruffled and lacy and I love the cardigan with this.

Cameron Diaz might have been caught off gaurd but she still looks so good. I love the longer shirt with the jeans and baggy shirt.

I love these lighter boots with the skinny jeans and blazer.

Rainboots with patterns are so cute. I love these Toille boots.

Frozen Food Facts

I was online reading an article about frozen foods and I have been curious about certain rules about freezing food. Here are some facts according to the article "6 Myths About Freezing Food" on Yahoo!:

The length of time you can keep items in your freezer:

Soups, stews and casseroles: 2-3 months
Cooked meat 2-3 months
Uncooked steaks, roasts or chops: 4-12 months
Cooked poultry: 4 months
Uncooked poultry: 9-12 months

Freezing does not kill bacteria but just keeps it inactive.

Sometimes frozen fruits can have more nutrients than fresh fruits because they are processed at the ripest point and frozen that way (the more ripe the more they have nutrients)

It is best to avoid refreezing an item, but it is usually ok to refreeze if the item has been out for 2 hours or less.