Tuesday, May 4, 2010

M * I * C * K * E * Y M * O * U * S * E

So when my parents were here for graduation, they stayed at one of our friends condos in Salt Lake City. Its called.. Mickey Mouse and wow it was so awesome I felt like I went to Disneyland for a weekend. Chris and I went up and stayed with them for a few days and they're right by the Conference Center, the temple, Genealogy Center, and of course Energy Solutions where Chris and I popped over to see the Jazz Playoffs.

This is the floor entrance right when you walk in. Mickey Mouse imprinted in the floor

Here's the kitchen which will be zoomed in

Sitting area where we would eat. Mickey pictures, salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders etc.
Sink handles in the kitchen. All of the knives, forks, and spoons had Mickey on the handles

The counters even had Mickey on them along with the oven mitts, toaster, waffle iron, everything!

Here is the Mickey archway going into one of the playrooms. We played pinball for a while that weekend. In the other side they have a window with Mickey curtains and a large glass case with... you guessed it... Mickey stuff

Mickey clocks, mirrors, pictures, stuffed animals, throw blanket on the coach, pillows, figurines, and Disney movies. They used colors of Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, and White to create this Mickey feel

One of the bathrooms. Mickey pictures, Mickey tiles, Mickey and Minnie in the sink, foucet handles, pictures, Mickey Mouse hands holding up the toilet paper and towels, floor mat

Bathroom again. Oh you can see the Mickey Mouse hands which were knobs on the yellow drawers and the Mickey hands holding the toilet paper roll and towels.

One of the bedrooms. Not the best picture but you can guess it was all Mickey and they had a tv in this room that was shaped like Mickey!!! The speakers were the Mickey Mouse ears. Wow

The master bedroom with Disneyland picture over the bed

Corner of the master bedroom with a sitting area of Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Even though its a LOT of Mickey Mouse, boy it was so much fun. We had such a good time visiting and especially my family up there watching Disney stuff and playing some pinball and talking. Thanks!

FHE GAME: Clue + Charades + Telephone

Last night was so fun for FHE. I'm still the FHE group leader this spring/summer and we had our 2nd Counselor visit for a lesson and a game of Clue + Charades + Telephone for our activity which was so fun.
Three people leave the room and the rest of us come up with a person, weapon, and location like in clue. We came up with some pretty weird ones like "It was Yoda, with a prosthetic leg, at an amusement park" or "Donatello (MNT), with a staple, at the gas station."
The FIRST person comes into the room and choses three people to act out one of options for people, place, or weapon. The first person has the SECOND person come in and acts all three out for them. Then the second person does it for the THIRD person who has to end up guessing what happened. It ends up being so funny it was a lot of fun!!! Definitely reccomend it