Friday, March 30, 2012

Hanging Mobiles From The Ceiling

I found some great examples of mobiles you can hang from the ceiling. Of course you see the mobiles that connect to the baby crib and hang over, but I really like the idea of hanging decorations such as mobiles on the ceiling. I know that it may take a few months for the baby to see mobiles if they are higher above the crib, but maybe it is a good idea when they are old enough to stand up in the crib so they won't knock the crib mobile off!
Look how great these butterflies are. Definitely something a little girl would love looking at. I'm sure that since it is by the window that they move really well in the breeze.

Here is another butterfly mobile from the ceiling. This time it is one piece with many strands of butterflies. I like how this is lower by the crib. A mobile doesn't need to be directly over a crib as well. Look at this cute sheep mobile inbetween the two cribs.

Here is a mobile placed in the corner. There are lanterns and paper poms with pinks, peaches, coral, and whites. Looks so good. Just be careful to secure these mobiles because you wouldn't want them to fall in the crib and have the baby play with them. These cute pendant banners are found everywhere. On cakes, on banners, and on cute decor in baby rooms. Look how cute this is above the baby crib.

This style is definitely me. Love the symetrical design above the crib. Chandilier right the middle, a mirror, and white poms on either side. So elegant.This is another great mobile idea using laterns hanging from the ceiling. I love too how it is in front of the window so from the outside it looks just as good!
These pictures were all from PB kids

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