Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding Present Ideas

So throughout this whole wedding process I've discovered some good wedding gift ideas that I can pick from and use in the future. Some of these I wouldn't have thought about but could always come in handy after being married and these gift cards would never be wasted.
Think of some others too I could add:

- gas giftcard if they have a car
- Home Depot gift card because something can always be updated or fixed
- stamps and thank you notes, maybe for like a bridal shower or something
- maybe gift cards to places to eat
- Walmart gift cards
- Costco whatever (membership or gift card)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

BYU Football, I will always be a fan

Today started off BYU 2010 Football. I've missed it, I used to have an internship last year for Athletic Marketing and used to be on the field which was SWEET! I would help market in different ways with doing tailgating things, help with promotions during the game, prepare the loges etc. Being on the field was the best, Cosmo was there along with some of the famous football people who would visit.
BYU won today!!! It was so much fun seeing everyone in their BYU shirt everywhere I went. Even though I'm graduated, still a fan. BYU has shaped me completely in who I am today because of the goals and hard work I put in coming here, and then attending the University and learning from the best about how I can live my life and be a better person especially with the Savior as my foundation. Even though I might be considered a Zoobie, I love BYU because of the way it has shaped my life for the better. I will always be a fan