Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We've been together for a year!!!

Chris and I have been dating a whole year now!

It's been so great, he's been amazing and we've had so many good times together and are excited to have millions of more in the future. I know when we got engaged we talked about how we wanted to make this engagement time it was about the 'marriage' and not as much the 'wedding' in the sense of making it about us and the temple.

I really feel like we've been doing that and it makes me so happy to have our minds and hearts focused on the things that will last.

I can't believe it's only 23 days!!! It's going by so fast and it stinks because I'm not right there beside him, but without a doubt I know he is there, loyal, loving, caring, etc. Even though I'm not with him I'm glad he's being understanding.

10 Reasons I love Chris Pearson:

1) loves me, the Lord, and the gospel
2) helps me become a better person
3) is trustworthy and loyal
4) kind and thoughtful
5) hard worker
6) thinks of others before himself
7) wants to be married in the temple and a family
8) funny and cute
9) both are frugal and think things through
10) mature and wants our family & us to be grounded in the gospel and its principles

I love him so much! I'm so excited to be with him soon. I'm not just bending these things, this is really who he is which is everything I want. I know too that when looking ahead and continually planning our future together we'll make a difference in many people's lives and in our own.

Love you,

Favorite things of Today

10 top things that made me happy today. Here are my favorite things which are not in any order:

1. Going through pictures of Chris and I
2. Coming to work and seeing Pearson mints on my desk
3. Seeing a porcupine roll by the side of the road
4. Singing in the car
5. See and work with my Uncle today
6. Doing my nails
7. Putting on my wedding dress
8. Gave the FHE lesson for my family
9. Eating sushi with my dad
10.Reading a book of my neighbor who got captured during WWII