Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cake Cricut Inspiration

I've been looking through to see the amazing cakes that have been made with the Cake Cricut and can't wait to try it out. Here are some ideas that inspired me. I hope all are made from the Cricut, when I typed it in the search engine for Cake Cricut Cakes these are some of many that came up so I hope they all are from the Cricut.

A Cake Cricut!A Cake Cricut!

I have wanted to get a Cake Cricut for a while but in Utah I have not found them on sale. However, they certainly were in Michigan! These run up to $400 but since they are not as well known or popular they were $124 for a large one and $99 for the small. I cannot wait!

Here are cartridges on clearance as well. I have a cute holiday and bday one. If anyone needs to use it let me know!