Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement Signs

Looking for cute pregnancy announcements to hold up for pictures, use as a Facebook profile picture, or send in an email or card? Here are some of my designs on my Etsy Shop Pearl Pear Designs.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2 Months Already!

I seriously can't believe it's been two months with our little boy! He is so cute and I can't believe how alert he is I feel like he is soaking up his surroundings and really knows me and my husband.  He's been sleeping so much better at nights and the last few days he's been having longer stretches in between eating (about 3-3.5 hours now, starting from the time he stops eating to the beginning of the next).  I'm now accustom to the weird schedule I now have, especially waking up at night, so I'm grateful I'm used to it now. He's been eating about 20-30 minutes each feeding.

We are getting him 'crib trained' and the last few days have put him in his crib for naps and for playtime with me right there.  We also do 'tummy time' which he likes at the beginning then just wants to be held.  His neck seems really strong for his age and he can keep it up decently (needs a little help still) and he rather sit up than lay in my arms.  We introduced him to a rattle and he smiles at it, he started smiling before 6 weeks and it's the cutest thing.  He also started cooing to us around 6 weeks, if I start singing he'll make noises along with me.

Ahh, I love him!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Announcing Baby Pears!

We are so excited to announce the birth of our beautiful baby boy. He is so darling and we are so grateful he is here safe and sound.  He has been such a blessing in our lives already as we've seen him grow these  last few weeks.  We have taken a ton of photos of him to capture each little moment we have with him from the cute way he wrinkles his forehead to him kicking off his blankets so he can have his feet out.  

We took professional baby pictures at Lindsay Wright Photography and absolutely are in love with the quality of the photos and how they capture our bundle of joy.  Until I had a baby I had no idea how difficult it can be to take pictures of a baby.  They get so uncomfortable and hungry and of course cry... a lot, but I love how Lindsay took care of our baby and gave our him the focus and attention to take our pictures. She is amazing and definitely a 'baby whisperer' in calming our baby down to take amazing photos!

Here's some of my favorite of Baby Pears and I, more can be found HERE on the Lindsay Wright Photography Blog.

Not only did Lindsay take beautiful photos, her editing skills are amazing.  You would never have known how dry our baby was, her editing looks so beautiful and she really took some time to make our pictures perfect!

Besides Lindsay's professionalism and the way we were treated, the backdrops and props were amazing! From chevron and wooden backdrops, to weight scales and any kind of wrap for your baby, she had a HUGE selection that you could pick from for the pictures.  It seriously was like going shopping, there were so many to choose from!

I am just so blessed to have my little one in our lives.  He is so adorable and fun to have and I'm glad we were able to capture these moments.  To see more of his photos check out:

Lindsay Wright Photography also photographs weddings (she did my sister's and it was incredible), family portraits, senior pictures, babies, dance, bridals and pretty much everything!!! She is booking up fast for the holidays and has some awesome specials going as well on her website and Facebook.  Check it out and get your pictures taken today!