Thursday, March 10, 2011

Six Months Married

Wow 6 months! Time has already gone by so fast. I love being married to the man of my dreams and we've been so happy. Last night his sister Whitnie asked us questions about marriage for some class she is in. One of the questions was "do you think marriage was what you thought it would be?" We think it is even better! Its so much fun having someone always there to share the happy, sad, and trying moments. We have grown so much closer and so much better as we bring each other up and set goals for the future.
She asked us what one important quality we need to have and ours was a many part answer but we said commitment and how the other person feels about their spouse and the Lord (which pretty much everything else falls under that). Another question was about the traits that you loved, or had to have in your spouse. Commitment, goals, happy attitude, non-selfish, faithful in gospel, keep commandments, hard worker, family oriented, good management with money etc. were a few off the top of our heads.
Even though its been only six months, it was so interesting thinking back and answering the questions. I love chris soooo much and I know this marriage will last forever.