Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Decorations

Easter is right around the corner! So exciting. Have you found some cute Easter decorations to celebrate? Here are some cute and easy ways to add a little bit more of Easter in your life.
Printable banners are a quick and easy way to decorate your place cute for Easter. You can find printables everywhere online, find a cute frame, and place it where everyone can see it. This designer chose to place colorful eggs the same colors as in this printable Easter art. From:
I think this Easter display is so elegant. They probably had this mirror up already over the mantle, but they used the same kind of design to incorporate an Easter feel. They included a cute outline of a bunny in a frame, some springtime cherry blossoms, egg wreath and topiary which looks so good, and some other filler elements. Turned out so elegant and more subtle than some of the decor you see. From:
For Easter, you have an excuse to put the cutest bunnies and chicks all over. Another way you can incorporate Easter decor is for your front door or doorknob like we see here. Found at:

This wall is great! So interesting how they put together many different swatches of fabrics in the back and added layers by placing flowers and butterflies on top then a "Happy Easter" banner. On the console table they have many other Easter trees, candies, bunnies, etc. to celebrate the holiday. They also used subtle colors in their display. From PB Kids.
You can also find or buy art pieces to place on the wall or with a display. Found at:
Here is one of m favorite Easter decor that I want to make. Paint eggs in chalk paint (you can even speckle them with a darker paint), then use a stamp to write sayings on the eggs. Then display them in a nest, bowl, vase, whatever you want! From:
Here is some bright decor using mallow bunnies. I like the banner and also the larger bunnies below. These would be fun especially for kids.Found at:

You can also decorate for Easter with great pennants. I love the Easter color and feel and you can place the pennants in a variety of places from your child's bedroom, at an entrance, above a table or mantle etc. and

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