Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Catching up...

Bella coming into my room wanting to go on a walk.

My sisters
Chris holding up a picture that Lucie and Brynlie liked
Me when I was in a bootcast. I borrowed it from a friend who blinged it out but I took the craziness off for work :)

Jane and I had lunch in my dad's office.

Chris' new grill! He loves it, he's been cooking some tasty things recently. (And I have been trying shrimp which he has cooked a few times)

Luci and Hallie playing together

Awesome shot of Whitnie serving in her tennis match.

Hallie watching Whitnie play

Coleman is in the background and the girls are walking their baby doll.

We found the console table we wanted and had to somehow fit it into the car. It was a major tight squeeze.

Easy way to hem pants with the original cuff

I looked all over online and this is the main way to hem pants using the original cuff. First, try on your pants and see what length it needs to be altered. Make sure both sides are the same and pin them in place.

The place where you sew is right under the original stiching as close as you can. Use a dark navy thread so it won't be seen.

Can you tell the difference? The left one is the finished one and the rest of the material is tucked into the pants and ironed. The bottom cuffs look the same!
Here is the inside of a completed pant leg with the extra fabric inside. Some blogs said that you can stitch up that extra fabric by hand stitching on the sides but since I had so much fabric I ended up cutting the extra fabric but careful it frays after washing so you might need to use another stitch or surge it.
Ta Da!!!! Pants that fit