Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby (rain) Shower

My friend just put on this adorable baby shower for baby Hudson.  She did such a great job on this "Baby (rain) Shower" from the decorations food and more!  She found some amazing ideas from Pinterest (what we would do without Pinterst these days) at lisastorms.typepad.com and put this shower together. 

What cute tissue poms for the main food table.  The raindrops coming down in the different colors are so cute!
This baby boy diaper cake is too cute for words. I love the clouds with raindrops coming off and the splashes of water coming from off the diaper cake. 

Here is a close up of the cute water drops.  I love how they look like they are splashing.

You can use fishing wire to tape your paper raindrops on the clouds to make the clouds look like it is raining. Here is the cute baby shower decor used for this Baby (rain) Shower.  I like how this can cover large walls or spaces if you want to carry this theme throughout the room. 

Here is the whole table when stepping back.  Isn't this adorable! The clouds hanging from the ceiling (with the cute raindrops are my favorite).

Doesn't this food look amazing! From cookies to decorate with fresh fruits, cupcakes with cloud toppers, cakepops, and customized waterbottles (with the baby's name) this looks like so much fun! 

Look at this cute advice book at the shower.  It's a cute notebook for people to write advice to this mommy-to-be and even the pencil looks like an umbrella to go with the theme.
For the baby shower favors, they put together bags of candy saying "Thanks for Dropping by" such a clever idea.  Thanks so much for sharing Emily! Check out her blog with more cute ideas from this shower and projects at http://tylerandemily.blogspot.com/2012/08/baby-rain-shower.html!