Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday thoughts: Examples of kindness

Today was Fast Sunday and I was able to reflect on all of the kindness that people have showed to Chris and I recently.

This weekend or car wouldn't start and Chris was out there under the hood of the car trying to figure out the problem. I swear every single person who went into the store we were in front of stopped to offer assistance. That was so kind of them to take time to offer to help out of their busy schedules.

A boy from primary bore his testimony at church and it was so sweet. I bore mine as well today.

A couple who is new to the ward made us feel so welcome to the ward the last few weeks. They are new too but they wanted to be there, help us etc any way they can.

A guy who lives by us was working on his car and always waves to us. He said if we ever needed any help with a car issue he will help us. He doesn't even know our names but was so willing to help if we ever need it.

Our wonderful family helped us move recently, that was a huge help where they sweated in the intense heat, lifted our awfully heavy desk, and didn't complain.

When getting food this weekend, Chris have some money to the charity that the restaurant was sponsoring. Such a great example to me on helping others.

I'm so grateful for so many good examples of people serving us. There are so many great people out there and I need to get out there and look for ways to serve as well. There are so many people around us that could use a helping hand or smile.