Wednesday, October 30, 2013

15 Awesome Ideas for Monthly Baby Photos

Looking for cute ideas for taking monthly pictures of your new baby.  Here are some of my favorite ideas which are so darn cute!

This one is my little baby :) with one of my Etsy shop chevron chalkboard designs for each month.  Signs are available at my shop Pearl Pear Designs.  I love how it turned out!

Here is another idea I found, taking footprints of your baby once a month. I haven't seen this idea before and think it's so cute!
Find a onesie from each size you would like and take a cute picture like this!
Chalkboard is in right now and here is a cute idea for having a whole wall as a background.
Here is the same idea with a chalkboard background, so cute.

Love this cute banner and adding facts about your baby for each month. My cute baby below

Another cute idea wearing the same thing every month with a cute pin each month.


Love how they put together this cute monthly baby photos for the baby's first birthday!

Take a picture by a calendar with the date circled is another great idea to take a monthly baby photo.
Love this idea with wooden blocks! So cute for spelling out how old your baby is.
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More cute chalkboard stuff! Love the stats written on this chalkboard
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Love how cute this is with mom holding her little one along with a written description on the side.
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What a cute idea with banner and everything.
I've always loved the onesie stickers to put on a white onesie for every month.  I also love how the photos you can take can be displayed like they did below.
And lastly this adorable idea for showing growth by having the previous oneises in the picture.

Laughing and Losing It

Want to read all about the humorous, fun, and tough times during motherhood? My friend's blog "Laughing and Losing It" cracks me up as she relays her experiences as a mom and her regular, yet hilarious, everyday life.  She's the youngest of 17 kids, yes you heard me right... the youngest of 17 kids, and she is full of amazing stories to keep you entertained.

Again, I'm not the same without "Laughing and Losing It" and I know you will absolutely love it so check it out!