Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Thoughts: Trials

EVERYONE is going through some kind of trial in one form or another. We need to give people the benefit of the doubt because you never truly know what is going on in their lives. For our trials in our lives, we can't let them slow or weigh us down. Chris and I have had our share of trials this last year, but we have decided to have goals to bring us closer to the Lord and have thought of ways to serve others and have the 'spirit of charity' where we develop in ourselves to listen to the spirit how we can help others, put others first, always give. This has changed our attitudes from self pity, to forgetting our trials because we are focused on the future and what it holds. How we can be better and have these trials make us BETTER NOT BITTER.

Are your trials weighing you down, different trials can affect people so differently and some might be harder than others. But turn your life over to the Lord and see how He can help guide you through this trial. There will be different seasons of our lives, some will be nice and sunny and some will be winter storms, but we can get through all of them with the help of the Lord.

On a similar note, we shouldn't make fun or judge people for what they don't have. There was a couple in front of us one Sunday who was making fun and taking pictures of a man at church because of the way he appeared and was dressed. Recently, I have seen that man walk to and from work/ school everyday so he can support his family. He is doing the best he can, maybe they don't have the means or a car to help him in that regard but that is not for us to make fun of. You never know someone's whole situation. We are all brothers and sisters and we need to be there to support eachother, not to tear down.