Friday, January 4, 2013

Country Themed Baby Shower

A week or two ago I stumbled across this beautiful Country Themed Baby Shower from A Creative Momma.  I thought it was so cute and every detail was really thought about and came together.  

I love how they presented all of the food and the food table.  The cute bales of hay, the buckets with sauces,  milk containers as well.  All so cute and thought through.

 Here is a view of the whole table.  I love the banner and the different heights of the food on the table.  Great presentation.

 Here are some pictures of the delicious food.  This is the stand in the back right corner.  

 I absolutely love the idea of caramel apples for a party favor.  There are little jars holding caramel and apples on top wrapped together.  

 I am in love with mason jars and I love how this Country Baby Shower used them.  You can buy these lids separate from mason jars and use them as lids for cute drinks.  Thanks for the great ideas A Creative Momma.  The shower turned out great!