Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rosette Headbands

I'm cropped out because I look goofy, but here is the finished headband that only took like half hour. I made a pink/white one and the black one below

The fabric that works best is a double-sided fabric that is more thick. I chose this paisley one below and it was white on one side and pink on the other which gave the rosette more dimension.
To start you cut about a half-inch to an inch and however long you would like (usually at least a foot to three feet). You can iron it in half or I just continuously folded it.

To start you just fold the fabric at one of the ends and keep on wrapping it around, sewing it with a needle and thread to hold it in place.

I kept twisting the fabric and positioning it before I placed the needle in. I kept the edges untrimmed so it became like this. I made two roses for this headband. This was a bigger one then I made a smaller one. When I finished I just cut off an extra inch or two and sewed it flat on the back of the rose.

Here are the two roses with the headband I glued them too.
Here's the black one I also put together

All done. I placed three together for this one

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Birthday Dreams - aka National Holiday

Chris gave me the best birthday ever! I slept in and we went out for breakfast then we watched one of my favorite musicals.

I picked Wingers to go for dinner and my sister and her friends came to visit and a few of our other friends came to celebrate!For my birthday Chris surprised me with a Cricut!!! Pretty good choice I have loved doing things with it I was really surprised thanks Chris! I look like such a Goober, this is right after I opened it
After dinner we went to Chris' house where his family wanted to wish me a Happy Bday. He surprised me with a Magleby cake which are INCREDIBLE and baby Brynlie and Coleman helped me blow out all the candles which I can successfully do still... even with 22

Cute picture of Chris and Baby LucieMy roommates were so nice and decorated some of the apartment
You can tell a little bit but there was balloons and streamers all over

Thanks for the awesome birthday. Thanks especially Chris for thinking of me and planning a day all for me :)

Blog Make-Over

So, I graduate in a month from today which is so crazy. I can't believe its coming to an end after 4 years. I have had the best time of my life here at BYU and I'm so sad to be leaving it behind, but of course its time and I need to graduate.
BYU has given me so many great experiences and now its time to "go forth to serve" as our motto states. I'm not fully sure whats next in store, but I know that with trusting in the Lord and doing everything I can everything will be ok.

My Blog Works!

So weird, my blog was down for a while but I think the problem is fixed. I wanted to blog so bad for the last month I'm so glad its back!
In my Landscape Architecture class we're doing a bunch of cool landscapes for our projects. This is one of the landscapes I drew and completed. I really like the architectural style of writing we have learned.