Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brenna's Beach Baby Shower

Brenna had a great Beach Baby Shower that I asked her to share with us.  What a cute theme and the location was perfect, Florida Keys.  Check out her cute baby shower below and her blog at:
My baby shower was probably one of the best parties I have ever had. My parents decided to throw me a huge shower because my husband and I a tiny wedding in Vegas and this baby was a huge deal for my family. 
My husband and I had been trying for this baby for over a year and he would be named after my Grandpa who was the most amazing person. We went with a beach theme since my family is slightly (read: completely!) obsessed with Key Largo. My Grandpa took us there all the time as kids so it was very fitting. For the decor we stuck with the obvious beachy theme items such as shells, beach balls and lots of aqua!

My parents home was probably the best place to throw my shower, since we are obsessed with the Keys, their home is completely tropical theme. They have sail boat paintings on the walls, a tiki covering their patio and a gorgeous pool. Their patio also has dock posts surrounding it to make it look like you are on a dock. The funniest and most popular item at my shower was a Margarita machine. I remember my Dad calling me a few days before the shower saying, "now don't get mad but I got you a surprise." I said "uh oh what is the surprise?: And he said "A margarita machine!". I laughed and told him that isn't a surprise for me but for him and everyone else who isn't pregnant. A fun treat for those non-drinkers was a fun candy station that was a big hit though! 

Prior to my shower I knew I wanted to keep the game playing to a minimum since we were having a co-ed shower and I wanted it to feel more like a get together then an actual shower. We decided to do two games. The first game was the guess how big my belly is. The funny part about this is my gay friend Jimmy and my best friends boyfriend both won. I thought for sure a woman would win that one. Then we played the beer in a bottle game. Whoever drank it fastest would win. The funny part about this? My friend who had a baby 2 months earlier won that! We thought for sure a guy would win. After some fun games, lots of food and treats we opened presents. We were so blessed to receive some very generous gifts. We could not have planned a better shower ourselves. We are so grateful to our families for being there for us and showing so much love for our son.

My sister got these amazing cupcakes that had chocolate shells on top. They looked like real shells, I mean how crazy is that? The cupcakes were from Three Mom's Bakery, an amazing team of women who baked the most beautiful cupcakes and do charity work as well. I loved that my sister found such a wonderful company to work with.