Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day!!!

So much fun this last Valentine's Day. Unfortunately it landed on a Sunday this year, but Chris did some cute things on Saturday. He came over that night and had a bunch of roses (which are in the back), awesome chocolates, a card which I cried in, and my favorite... skittles.
It was so funny because Aimee and I are pretty much the same... she also got roses, heart shaped box of chocolates like me.. AND skittles it was weird.

Me so happy with my flowers from Chris. He took me to Tucanos which is a Brazilian restaurant here in Utah with amazing food that they bring around and have you try all different kinds of food and meats.
I got a rose there too and some chocolate covered strawberries which I love. Later that night we had to go to someone's bday but after he surprised me with a movie... not just any movie.. but an all-time favorite... Rescuers Down Under! The one with the mice. I LOVE that one, a few weeks ago he was going to surprise me with a Disney movie but it was so cute that he chose one for us to watch.
Today he so thought about me and everything he did had so much thought and was completely for me :) Thanks babe

Valentines Day: So I went to Chris' ward on Valentine's Day and since it started at 1:30pm I went over early and we made Swedish Pancakes together. They turned out great it was a recipe I had from my mom. I also made a cookie bouquet with a sister in law that I gave to him along with this big Vday card. I'm so proud I used all of the candy and hopefully it doesn't sound bad because its not supposed to haha.

Us before church. My parents sent me a Valentine's day package and I got this cute pencil skirt from H&M which I was dying to wear. We had so fun. Oh I also had a digital picture frame we had a bunch of pictures we've taken rolling. So cute!!! Thanks so much for all you do and thinking of me!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiled Portrait of the Savior

Supplies for the Project: Black paint, wooden board cut into squares, Modge Podge, pour on coating, paint brushes, picture

For this project I chose a picture of the Savior and a board about 15x12 inches from Roberts. It already cut into the square and with a Roberts 50% off coupon I bought the piece of wood for about $4.

I found the picture I wanted and would I set it on the wood to measure how big I needed to cut it. Here, I am using a pencil to mark where it needed to be cut. Make sure that the picture covers the whole tile well enough to not wrap around into the cracks of the wood or the picture won't flow or match as well.

As a warning: careful of the pictures you use or their positioning on the wood. I had to center my picture a little off-center or it would have been cutting the Savior's face in half. ALSO, make sure that your paper is thick or durable. Too thin of paper will allow the coating to soak through which isn't good.

Next I painted the board black and filled in all the gaps and spaces too.

I used Mod Podge to carefully glue on the picture.

With other paper I had, I placed a border around my picture and also used the tiles around it to add some paper and color (like in the top left corner).

I wanted my tiled work to say "I know that my Redeemer lives" so I printed it out in Word and would lay it down on my picture and trace through. I then went back with black paint to trace the saying.

When everything is dry and glued on, I placed the wood on two equal sized cans (to raise it up so the coating will just run over) with newspaper underneath.

The Coat On I used was equal to 50 layers and I was able to complete my project with 4oz of it. I mixed them together and with two people I would pour and use a flat edge (like a popsicle stick or a straw I guess) to smooth everything out on top. Make sure to get the edges and have it fall off the edges.

Here I am using a straw to blow inbetween the cracks to get out the coating.

Here it is!!!! I waited about 24 hours till it was pretty dry but allowed about 48 hours. Again, make sure the picture is thick enough so the coating won't soak in!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cute calendar with goals setting

I love setting goals and I've been setting them on a calendar I've made to constantly remind me and encourage me to follow my goals, and to set those monthly and weekly goals for spiritual, academic, and work related things.

For these calendars I used a Word Document calendar and printed it out on a 1/2 sheet of paper.

With the other top part of the page I used some cute paper I had to decorate the page and some of the boxes on the calendar that didn't have dates on them.

I put a piece of paper at the top too that I used to write some of my goals on for that month.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My First Jazz Game

We got some tickets and went to the Jazz game against the Mavs! It was so much fun!! I've never been but it was so great going!

Chris and I at the Jazz game

Cute couple!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

President Monson's Finding Joy in the Journey

Ok a little like my blog name but this is one of the reasons why I picked it. President Monson gave a talk Nov 2008 called Finding Joy in the Journey where he told us to enjoy the things around us and no matter what stage in our lives, we can be optimistic and find things to make us happy.

Sometimes life isn't what we expect and we are faced with more Plan B's than the route that we want to take. My mom would always tell us that we can choose to be BITTER OR BETTER as we are faced with challenging or joyful times.

No matter what, we need to make sure our priorities are straight and our foundations are on the Savior and we are making the time for those positive things and loved ones around us. Take a look at President Monson's talk..

Friday, February 5, 2010

FUN Hair things

Here's the fabrics I used for my hair piece. I shiny gold fabric and a lacy pink one

I cut both in a circle (the pink one was smaller) and I had pinched it then hot glued it like that so it wouldn't be as flat

Voila! I cut a really small piece of the same gold fabric and bunched it up and just glued it together then glued it on the hairpiece. I also had a clip which I stuck on the back with some felt so it wouldn't tug my hair

Here is the pink/white paisley fabric I used. It was fun to use because it was two-sided and I just used a reverse side on each layer

Here's the fabric laid out. This time I cut mine out in a flower shape by hand. I put the same lacy stuff inside to give it more texture and depth.

Here's a side view of the fabrics put together. I then put a big pink jewel in the middle with a small circle of both the paisley and pink lacy to give it more depth.

I only used this one way cool fabric. I found different parts of it I liked then cut them in two or three flower shapes.

Drop of hot glue in the middle to put it in place. This one is going to be flatter so I didn't pinch the middle. It looks boring but it has a ton of color and a little shiny.

Here's it in my hair

My cute leopard and black one. I don't know what kind of material, but I cut these into circles/ ovals and instead of laying them exactly in the middle, I put the middle two on the side to give it a cool look.