Thursday, July 12, 2012

Loressa's Hand Painted Tree Nursery

Loressa from shared her beautiful baby girl nursery. She did such a great job, especially with free hand painting this amazing tree mural.    The walls in the back are lavender and the tree is a chocolate brown.  If you look closely, you can see the growth chart at the trunk of the tree.  So cute.

Here is a close up of her amazing work.  She first went through and created the trunk and branches, then went through and cleaned them up.

My favorite thing about the tree mural is the double sided paper flowers she created and put up on the wall. She placed a button in the middle and I love how she shaped the flowers as well, I couldn't even tell they were paper. 

This was done so well.  It might sound scary to free hand your artwork on a wall, but if you have a sketch of how you want the image to look and feel comfortable, you can start creating the shapes and image on the wall and go back to create a clean line.

Look how cute these hanging books are.  This is so cute and such a fun idea. 
Thanks so much for sharing Loressa! What a cute nursery for your new little one, I know she will love it!