Sunday, November 29, 2009

Spirit of Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving day and during the week I've been thinking about the people who have been there for me and for the blessings in my life which make me happy.
I'm so grateful for my family and all that they do. I'm so glad I'm close to them and that my parents have raised me in the gospel and with a firm foundation on the Savior. They have taught me so many great qualities and one of them especially is to be positive and uplifting and to serve others. No matter what time or season we are in our lives, we always can find ways to serve others and to better ourselves, to become more like our Savior.
I'm so grateful for the gospel, for prayer, for the commandments, for the many opportunities I've been given, for the temple, the scriptures, my testimony, for the Lord who is always there for me to guide and direct me no matter what. For a job, to be in school, for family, friends, health, to see to run, serving, and everything from the beauty all around us outside to the electricity, warmth, food we have around us.
My roommate just came in tonight from being in Ukraine for the last week serving in many shelters they have down there. We have so much. We need to be thanking our Heavenly Father every day for what we've been given and always remember Him as we carry on with our day-to-day tasks.
Ahh there is so much beauty around us and these things are just the basics that I've hit on. I have so much to be grateful for this season. My mom would always tell us that you can be bitter or better and focusing on the positives can take you far.

A new Mormon Message from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints on Thanksgiving

Goal #66 Run onto the BYU field

So BYU played Utah this last weekend. So much fun! I couldn't believe it, we were up 20-6 and they somehow tied us by the end of the game. As interns for athletic marketing, we are allowed to be on the field for the last 5 minutes of the game and it was so intense! It ended up being longer while going into overtime and I thought I was going to die because of the cold.

We were allowed to sneak to the end of the field to see the Utes score a field goal... but then BYU score a touchdown!!! Oh it was so awesome I didn't know the rules for overtime, but basically Utah gets a chance, and we get a chance. It can go back and forth for as long as needed till someone wins by having more points.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

On BYU Football Field

So yesterday was my day on the field for marketing. I have an internship right now with BYU Athletic Marketing and it is so great! We all work on BYU football and basketball and then I work on tennis and track. Its been so fun especially during this football season.

The interns get to go on the field before and after, and then a little bit of the game but yesterday's BYU vs. Air Force game I was on it the whole time helping with the marketing aspect.
We went around and got things ready and were on the tv and big screens a bunch doing a bunch of things or giving things out like gift cards, ipods, tshirts or whatever. I got to call a few people down to get somethings and Taylor, Aimee, and Jeff came on down to win prizes!!!

Cosmo the Cougar

Lavell Edwards came onto the field and we got some pictures with him

BYU Athletic Marketing

On the field!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ghost Hunting

Chris downloaded this game onto his phone that I've never heard of (SpecTrek) but it was so much fun and we played it last night! The game is played outside and when you begin the game it marks your point on his phone's GPS and gives you about a 400+ ft radius and shows you where these mysterious 'ghosts' are. As you would approach them on the GPS you would hold up his phone which would use his phone's camera to spot them and you would take a picture to capture them.

So clever! It was so much fun! We went around and played a few of the 15 minute round and since it was under 30 degrees we choose the route of driving around to find the ghosts which made it so fun and warm thank goodness. The little buggers would also move so you had to be fast and be within about 170 feet to capture them.
Ha again it was so fun, I've never even heard of a game like that but thanks so much Chris! I'm glad he surprised me and we played that!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things to do in Life

So, I have a list of 100 Things to do in Life... no it is NOT a bucket list but 100 things I've always wanted to do and try ranging from just little things like trying sushi (which I've done and like) to riding an elephant.. even at the zoo.

I started writing this list two years ago during when I was a counselor for FOL (Foundations of Leadership)and wanted to create a list of short and long-term goals to make me a better person or to become more well-rounded by just trying some new things. I love making goals because it stretches me as a person and helps me see how far I have come and where I want to go.

Even at FOL it was awesome we wrote a handful of goals for that school year along with things to prevent us from those goals on a thick wooden piece of wood. We then karate chopped the board symbolizing to our 8 campers how we can overcome those things and can fulfill our goals. Right now I have a calendar in my room where I write down the goals for that month, including spiritual academic and personal to again push me to become the person that I want to and to especially come closer to my Savior. It really makes a difference in my life.

I'm always making lists and goals and thought of some things that Chris and I could do during these cold wintery months. ....

* Cook Goodies * Read Kid Books * Make Snowflakes * Other Park * Leaf Piles/ Snow Fight * Frisbee/ Football * Star Gazing * Window Art * Surprise Cam * Petsmart * Finger Paint *Saturday Morning Cartoons * Hot Tub * Motorcycle * Serving * Catch Something on Fire :p or fondue

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chris and I Funness

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Home Opener Basketball

Today was the first opener of BYU basketball! So exciting. I'm with BYU Athletic Marketing and basketball is the one I'm so excited for. I love football and basketball as my two top favorite sports to watch, but to be honest basketball might be up top because something is always happening and there's a lot of energy.

I came to the game early and helped out with some things and met Chris where we sat way in the front like the second or fourth row! Very legit it was so fun watching the game and the final score for it was 70-60 against Bradley.
Wearing the BYU blue!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BYU Bookstore Freeness!!!

Freeness is a term I came up with while texting Chris and the "-ness" part can go on pretty much any word to make it even more amazing-ness. Hahah. So the BYU Bookstore had a huge sale today with 20% off the whole store as a pre-Christmas sale. I got there early and they closed the bookstore down to get everything ready. By the time the sale opened there was a ton of people ready to get in and do some shopping.
I quickly went straight to the clothing section where they were giving out free scarves to the first 25 people. It was so exciting I ended up getting a really pretty light-silvery blue one and the second to last tote page as you see here! So much fun. Walked out of the craziness with my two free items perfectly content.