Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rosette Topiary

I found a cute idea online for making a topiary. We just purchased a console table and needed to create a front entry space. Here is the finished topiary.

I bought two balls of twig from Hobby Lobby. One was 5'' the other was 6''. I cut a wooden dowel to about 16'' and painted it brown. It was not hard to glue the twigs onto the dowel. I made sure that everything was even then I hot glued everything into place. In the bottom of the flower pot (I also found at Hobby Lobby) I placed a styrofoam half circle in and filled the vase with glass marbles.
I made a lot of large rosettes to put on the topiary. I used four different fabrics and started hot gluing them from the top.

Here we have the flowers on and I included pearls to go all around as well.

Here is our front entrance with the topiary on the table.

Ta da!!! Here it is. I included ribbon under each of the balls and if it seems lopsided the shadows where affecting the picture.

How cute. Our entry turned out great.

Summer treats I made

I took some pictures of some treats I made this summer. Here are two of the trifles I made. I just lined the bottom with vanilla cake and made different layers by combining either cool whip, vanilla pudding, strawberry gelatin and crushed pinapple. I liked how I lined the first one with kiwis.

Here is fruit pizza. Basically it is a large sugar cookie rolled out and cream cheese frosting is put on top with fruit. So yummy.

"Pink Stuff" I never know if it has a real name because ever since I was young I called it pink stuff so the name is stuck with me. Basically it is cool whip with strawberry gelatin mixed in. Then I'll mix in marshmellows, apples, madrine oranges, strawberries, or whatever fruit I have around.

Bumpy cake. My mom bought me a recipe cake kit where it came with pans, spatula, the recipe, and many of the ingredients. My uncle's favorite cake is bumpy cake and I think it is sooo good.

Another delicious treat is homemade icecream. Chris and I got this icecream maker for our wedding and we have enjoyed using it. I usually make the basic vanilla recipe which is:

1 cup whole milk

3/4 cup granulated sugar

pinch of salt

2 cups heavy cream

1 T pure vanilla extract

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Year has Flown By so Fast

Our Anniversary!!!

We had such a great time. We saw Rascal Flatts the night before and the next day to start off our Anniversary we ate some of the cake from our wedding that we kept frozen these last 12 months. I was shocked, it wasn't that bad.
The doorbell rang and a floral place brought me flowers from Chris, such a sweetie.

We got married in the Salt Lake Temple so we went back on our Anniversary. I love him so much, I love our goals and how we bring out the best in eachother.

We stayed in SL and then went to Park City. It was such a great time, here is the Freestyle ski jump used in the Olympics. Skiers go off of these into a huge pool at the bottom.

Here is the Bobsled course. We could go on them but we missed it! Oh well, next time.

Here is more of the ski jumps. They are really steep.

We still don't know if I was allowed to take a picture in the US Bobsled, but I did. It was fun.

One of the Torches

Olympic Gold Medals

Chris inspires me with his downhill ski skills :)

Oh, and you see that high score... that was me.

On a chairlift

On a trolley, Chris had never been on one before. Even though Park City wasn't that far away, it felt like we traveled somewhere because we were away.

Don't feed the Moose...

.... Or hug the bears

Hahah I'm glad we can have fun with eachother no matter where we go.

And a ride on the Alpine Slide. It was more fun than I remember. We raced and once we got started downhill all of these LARGE crickets started jumping and would hit us in the face, mouth, clothes. It was gross. They were large and they were on the slide so they got crushed under us. Nasty but way fun at the end, we were laughing the whole time.
New Tradition we started:

We recapped our wedding day and everything we have done this last year. So many good times.

We each brought with us five items that remind us of happy times with eachother. We went over the first letter that I had written to Chris when we were dating, our wedding guest book, shells and maps from our honeymoon, "Chris' Survival Book Without Elise" book I made him one year when I went back to MI. So many great times. We defintely are doing this every year to remember the good times and how much we love eachother.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rascal Flatts Concert

Here we are at the Rascal Flatt's concert. I LOVED it! We had so much fun going. Here we are nice and dry.

Still dry but seeing the storm go by us, thinking we were safe and it wouldn't hit us.

Wrong, it POURED. And when I say pour I mean it came down so hard that we were completely soaked to the bone. The blankets we were going to sit on became our umbrellas and all of the grass was wet, everything we brought was wet. It was terrible, and the concert hadn't started yet and we couldn't leave the venue and come back in.

Here they are playing!
Here we are hours later mostly dry. Thank goodness I brought 3 jackets in 80 degree weather. You never know what will happen :)

I've loved Rascal Flatts for so long. I remember the first time I heard 'Bless the Broken Road' in High School I knew it was going to be my wedding song and it was and we danced to it at the wedding and that night at the concert.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I can't believe it has been a year! Happy Anniversary Chris and many more to come!!!