Thursday, May 22, 2014

Daddy Time

When dad comes home, Owen lights up.  He hears the garage and when I say "dada" he looks at me with a huge grin and looks around for Chris.  We either greet him sitting on the stairs right when he enters the house, peering around the corner of a room, or having him walk (with my help) to dad's arms.  He gets so excited. 

Chris is the best dad ever, he'll come home and spend time with O and take him everywhere.  They're cute to watch together.  O can say "dada" now and it makes Chris so happy to hear, it's cute :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Aquarium, Zoo, repeat

Now Owen is getting more bored when he's home for too long, or maybe it's just bored of me ... jk. He's been more and more active and loves getting out and people watching. We had a new aquarium open by us which he LOVES, we've gone there probably 6 times since we got our pass the beginning of April.  He loves the animals especially the penguins.  And, most of all he loves people watching, I'll point to the fish and follow them with my finger and he's just looking at the other kids.

Here's his "thumbs-up" of how he likes the shark tunnel at the aquarium.

We also have a zoo pass which is super great and fun to go when Dad is not working.  We watch the seal shows and see the bears.  He really enjoys it and sleeps well when we go out on our field trips.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

8 months Owen

I can't believe how big he's getting! He is so active and of course still the sweetest boy.  When he wants me you hear "momma" and he also says dada and boo (as in peek-a-boo). He has a mini basketball hoop that he shoots hoops in by getting the ball in his tiny little hands then putting it in the basket.
He sits all by himself and I'm always afraid of him falling, but I'm sure I'll theoretically be afraid of that my whole life of him hurting himself or me trying to prevent that. Sitting by himself has taught me to back off and let him do his thing and he's ok.  He loves being independent and enjoys playing by himself as mom does some work or housework.  But of course he loves playing with mom and dad more and it's been interesting "learning" how to play with him as he becomes more interactive.

Some things we do are go around the house and point to objects and talk about their name and what they are, he has always loved reading so we read a lot especially right when he wakes up or about to fall asleep, playing with his toys and counting and colors of everything, he likes when I point to our family picture and point out who each of us is (he's starting to point at the picture), he likes when I play Pandora Disney music and dance and sing, he loves Bubble Guppies and is glued to it... so that's why we don't watch that a lot or a lot of tv for that matter at all.  If I need to get some work on I'll turn an episode of that on but I really try to stay away from watching anything until dad comes home.
No other teeth besides the cute two on the bottom, still not sleeping the best and waking up at least 5 times a night, mostly to get his paci back in his mouth.  He loves moving and "arm crawling" to get to places and moves backward more than forward.