Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sage Diaper Cake

How can you have a baby shower without an amazing diaper cake. These can be time consuming to make (especially if you are including a ton of diapers and all kinds of accessories) so buying a diaper cake is definitely an option.
I love this sage colored diaper cake. It is so cute and was shipped with care from Baby Box who has TONS of the cutest diaper cakes. There are 40 diapers wrapped together with ribbon, some cute flowers and a ceramic baby block on top. So cute.
Here is the diaper cake from the side. Love the material that it was wrapped in as well.
Perfect diaper cake.

Sunday Thoughts: Humility

C.S. Lewis has always been one of my favorites and I love when he is quoted. I love this quote because we live in a selfish time, people think that they 'deserve' a certain lifestyle, certain things, and can have a certain attitude. All of us have so much and probably more than the world around us. Are we putting ourselves and our selfish attitude first? We need to make sure we think about others around us, we will be so much happier if we are thinking about our families, about people at work or school, or those we might not know but are willing to serve.
We will find so much happiness in our lives once we put our prideful self away and put others first.