Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blog Hop to "Pear" Up #2

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Tree wall art and decals in nurseries

Today you can find so many cute ways to dress up your nursery walls.  From decals, paintings, 3d images, you can find so many cute ideas.  One popular trend for baby nurseries, is tree wall decals or paintings. This picture below has a beautiful tree stencilled in the corner of the nursery by the window.  I love all of the birds flying off of it.  You can find tree decals for both boy and girl nurseries.

This next nursery has a tree alongside the crib in it's natural colors with a brown trunk and green leaves.  It matches perfectly with the green and brown polkadot sheets.  From: http://surfaceinspired.soopsee.com/etsy
So many stores online have cute tree decals you can put in a nursery.  Here is a brown decal of a tree with oval shaped leaves and birds.  From: http://afterthealter.com/nursery-decorations-vinyl-tree-decal/

On this next tree, you can't see the whole tree because the tips are cute off from the ceiling.  It definitely gives the room height and the white looks great against the taupe wall.  Great choice of painting as well (you can see the cute little dear with the bird).  From: http://bergmanfive.blogspot.com

This next tree is placed right in the middle of the room as a focal point.  The pale colors look great and the chandilier and letters in the center also draw your attention toward that side of the room.  It even looks like the flowers on the tree are 3d and might be attached to the wall. From: http://www.nurserynotations.com/2010/10/hope-crib.html

This beautiful tree is different and has many different swirls and no leaves..  The designer used a corner of the room to place this artwork.  The accent of the pink birds match the other accents of bright pink throughout the room. From: http://weedecor.com/2010/05/large-tree-wall-decals/

This tree also has beautiful pink leaves that match the pink accents throughout the room.  They also used brown and white leaves as well to give more color and texture to this side of the room. From: http://www.flickriver.com
This designer used the alcove of this room to place a beautiful tree in.  This is a great accent and draws your eye toward the crib.  Usually a chandilier (to the left) is something that would first catch your eye but the dark crib with this decal turn your attention that way. From: http://www.besthomyFrom.info

In this case, this tree decal brought the room together as it's branches reached over the two cribs found in this room. From: http://www.nurserymuralsandmore.com
This tree was also designed to look more lifelike and is a great piece for this corner of the room going from the floor to the ceiling.  This could easily be transformed into a girl or boy room by just changing out the sheets and curtains. From: http://www.surfaceswithpaint.com/tree_murals.htm

This heart tree wall decor is more playful and the leaves are created from white and pink hearts floating all the way above the crib. Definitely gives a cute and girly feel. From: http://www.besthomy.info

I couldn't find where this image came from, but the tree comes right out from the crib and matches the bedding perfectly.  The accents of turquoise blue really make the artwork pop.

You can also find tree decals in very fun and colors and patterns.  This definitely does not look like a regular tree, but is very fun, colorful, and playful for a baby boy or girl nursery. From: http://colorfulkidsrooms.com/tag/owl-theme-nursery

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Belly Bandits at Oopsie Daisy

After pregnant tummies have been stretched during months of pregnancy, the skin becomes thinner, stretches out, the muscles get tired and weakened. The Belly Bandits sold at Oopsie Daisy are a medical grade compression shape wear that can improve your post-pregnant body to help the tissues, muscles, and ligaments recover. The best part is that this compression garment (patented with stretch and compress fabric) is comfortable, soft, light, and stays in place under your clothes to reduce your shape back into your pre-pregnant figure. 

Whether you have been through a c-section, natural birth, have back pain or discomfort from having a child or being pregnant, this 100% latex free maternity belly band will help your regain your confidence and help get rid of stretch marks and shrink hips, belly, and waist.  

Here is an image of the Original Belly Bandits in a nude color.  It should be worn 6-8 weeks after delivery for best results in getting your mid-section slim and for you to look great in no time! With affordable prices, Oopsie Daisy is where to find and purchase this product.

Oopsie Daisy has all of the Belly Bandits styles: 
The Belly Bandit ® Original
The Belly Bandit ® BFF – Body Formulated Fit
The Belly Bandit ® Bamboo
The Belly Bandit ® Couture
The Belly Bandit ® Limited Edition Kourtney Kardashian

The Belly Bandit ® Limited Edition Kourtney Kardashian is currently available.  After Kourtney saw results from the Belly Bandit, she had a special one designed for her after.  This post pregnancy belly wrap has a silky inside and faux lace on the outside making it a bit more sexy.  
If you want to feel great after having your cute baby, the Belly Bandits sold at Oopsie Daisy can help you slim down and get you back to feeling great physically and emotionally. 

Here are the sizes you should get for your Original Belly Bandits:

Band Sizes
Fits Belly Size
XS 27" - 32" = 69cm - 82cm
SM 33" - 37" = 84cm - 94cm
MED 38" - 43" = 97cm - 110cm
LG 44" - 50" = 112cm -127cm


Right now go to Oopsie Daisy Facebook to redeem a 30% off coupon! Expires 5/26/12 so use it soon!

In June you can find Oopsie Daisy Little Castle chairs for $200 off most chairs!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little Man Baby Shower - mustaches and bow ties

I found this adorable "Little Man Baby Shower" from http://remarkable-home.blogspot.com.  This shower was beautifully executed and has so many cute ideas especially with the mustache theme being popular today.  Check out the pictures from this boy baby shower that happened a year ago! 

Here are some amazing decoration pictures from this mustache themed baby shower:

Love love love the mustache and bow ties for the wall hanging. 

Look how cute the onsies are with "Keep Calm and Grow On", bow ties, and mustaches.  On the sign "Oh Boy" you can find different mustache styles as well.

Look how they looked at the details and incorporated the mustaches and bow ties into the plates and cups for the baby shower. 

 Look how great this food looks with the mustache baby shower theme.  Blue cupcakes with sayings like "little man" and "oh boy", chocolate mustaches, chocolate covered pretzel sticks as 'cigars', bow tie shaped cookies and many more adorable things.  Nice job, you guys did such a great job!

You can find more of pictures from this shower at http://remarkable-home.blogspot.com who put together this baby shower. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Girly Things

Girly Things has many collections to bring out feminine side of your little girl.  You can find their products starting from newborn sizes all the way to size 8. So many cute patterns, fabrics, colors, and styles to dress your little girl all cute and playful.  

The Leila Collection is one of the girl collections, and has a variety of tanks for you to chose from.  This collection has tanks with soft fabrics and gorgeous heart and flower designs. These are perfect for something formal with a skirt, or casual with some jeans or shorts.  

Another girl collection from Girly Things is the Jade Collection. You can find their adorable rompers, pettidresses, and Marie skirts. The following picture is one of their cute rompers.  I love the soft flowy fabric on the romper, how it has straps, and comes with a matching flower.  Too cute, perfect for pictures, holidays, events, and dance.
Here is the Marie Skirt in raspberry.  So cute for birthday parties, dancing, cheer, dress up, or every day fun.  This is a perfect gift idea for your little girl.  
The last girl collection is called the Jewels Collection where you can find a dress like this darling Charise Dress.  Beautiful top with soft flowy bottom, perfect summertime dress with a cute pair of sandals.

Girly Things doesn't sell just clothes for baby or big girls, you can find so many other high quality products.  Look how cute these bows and bow holders are! You can find many more on the Girly Things site, but here are a few: 

 So come check out Girly Things with all of their amazing products!!! So many great items to choose from and you can follow on Facebook to get updates about these products.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blog Hop to "Pear" Up #1

Welcome to my first blog hop!!! I'm excited for you to connect with other bloggers and receive more followers.  This is a blog hop for everyone so you can include your amazing ideas, projects, etc from your blog.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Popular Petti Rompers

Sparkle in Pink is a wholesale clothing and accessory store with tons and tons of cute products for your little  girl.  From tutus and minky blankets, to shoes and legwarmers, their products are an amazing deal and high quality.  
Their adorable petti rompers are definitely something you should get for your little girl this summer whether it be for pictures, holidays, dance, cheer, or other events.  Sparkle in Pink has this product made in lace, satin, or a combination of both, and come in many colors, sizes, and styles. 
Here is a cream strapless lace romper which is not only super soft, but super stylish and perfect for baby pictures.  This romper starts at $9.99 which is a steal! You can also find Sparkle in Pink accessories to match these petti rompers like the cute headbands below.  

Here are some of their rompers in a satin cheetah print.  You can find this big girl romper set which includes the satin cheetah hair bow, cheetah satin petti romper, and cheetah satin leg warmers.  The baby satin cheetah petti romper can be bought by itself or in a set (with cheetah petti romper with straps and bows, cheetah duluxe bow, brown crochet headband, and cheetah crib shoes).  Love it!

Petti Rompers are one of the most popular items in demand at boutiques.  Here is a Fourth of July lace romper priced at $9.99 at Sparkle in Pink.  These usually retail starting at $25 so this is a steal! 

Here is a cute example of the amazing Sparkle in Pink petti rompers with a combination of lace and satin.  Again, so many cute colors and patterns for you to choose from. 
Here is a pink lace petti romper.  You can find the lace rompers in light pink, bright pink, cream, mint, brown, and a combination of colors.  
 Here is another cute satin romper that comes in patterns like cheetah, leopard, camo, zebra, giraffe, and polka dots.  Definitely check out the petti rompers and other products from Sparkle in Pink with their incredible wholesale prices and amazing quality.