Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Transforming our Bedroom

I've been meaning to redo our bedroom and get rid of our floral quilt, boring decor and wall art.  After getting rid of our bedspread (phew that felt great) and replacing it with a light blue quilt, fluffy pillows, and our awesome canvas family picture.

I LOVE how my room has transformed! Our focal point is our family picture which I'll put our initials on each side of it.  It looks great, I haven't printed on canvas before and love how it turned out.  I used Printcopia which has amazing quality and affordable prices and it was super easy to use and get our photo printed and quickly to us.

Here is our picture we used.  I added our initials in the bottom corner then adding our initials on the wall to frame the art will look awesome! I love my little family and couldn't believe we didn't have one photo of us in our room.  

 From our old grandma room now transformed into a trendy and relaxing sanctuary, it is so much nicer walking in and our room feels more put together and represents our family!

Next time I can't wait to use Printopia for decals, acrylic printing, panoramic printing, canvas etc. Here are some of my favorite products they have!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

11 month picture taking

I can't believe in a month O will be a year! Time has gone by so fast and it feels like he's been with us 5 months, but then I can't even remember life before him coming. He's  growing up so big and I love his 6 teeth showing so big when he smiles and how he took his first steps! We practice with him every night and he takes a few more but he is scared we'll drop him (too many face plants).

My baby signing has finally paid off and he's so good and signing "book" and can do "more" but he just looks at me like "come on just feed me, I know you'll give me more anyway"... which is true because he's so active and still a little skinny dude.  Oh, and he started pointing to everything he wants so my sign language stuff is being overlooked.  We just got a baby sign language book for him and when we read it we mimic the signs, well the first few pages are about food so we can't get far in the book because he starts having a fit and wants to eat lol.

He's still so good, super active (makes church more difficult) he loves being awake and when we put him down for naps he loves playing in his crib and putting himself to sleep.  He wants to be independent and smiles and laughs a lot and tries to make us laugh.  He's the best baby!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back to School Chalkboard

How cute are my little "back to school" models!? I have some awesome chalkboard back to school digital prints you can use for taking pictures.  Check it out at my shop: Pearl Pear Designs.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summertime Fun

This summer has been fun and it's been fun figuring out what "kid stuff" we can do with Owen.  Parks are a ton of fun along with grabbing snowies or dinner and heading to the picnic benches to eat outside.  Owen loves the zoo, aquarium, and the pool where he is a crack up and loves splashing like crazy.

It's been fun celebrating holidays and he's loved fireworks (which surprised me) and sparklers which I absolutely love as well.

And of course, food.  He's been eating so well and so many more "big boy food" has been introduced and he's done awesome. I don't know what it is, but cheerios and mac and cheese are what every baby loves including our little guy.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

10 months

Wow it is getting harder and harder to take pictures of little man. Today I had Bubble Guppies (his favorite show) going while giving him treats and toys, holding a flashing toy and signing... yeah no luck... I didn't get a good picture but there's worse things to worry about.

 This week he's 10 months!  He has three teeth coming in on the top, one came earlier this month (top side tooth) now the front tooth and other side tooth is coming in.  He is finally sleeping every night through the night! Took a few months but know what, he's such a good baby it was totally fine. Even when these three teeth were coming in at the SAME time, he slept through the night and has been great.

He's crawling up a storm, last month was like the worm but he's really crawling and is super fast now.  He loves climbing our fireplace which looks super awful now because it's covered with blankets just incase he hits his head.  He loves watching people and is super friendly and not shy.  My husband and I were super super shy so it's fun seeing his outgoing personality.

His hair still sticks straight up in the air (I measured it is over 2 inches long) and EVERYONE comes up to him in stores and makes a comment. He also loves to cruise and pull himself up, but then get down which is good.  We had to lower the crib to the lowest level and he's just moving a ton.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

First of all, I love what I do and the success Pearl Pear Designs has been so far.  My shop has chalkboard printable files that people use to announce their pregnancy.  I originally designed one to announce and track my pregnancy and now I have a shop filled with over 100 different designs and hundreds of sales.  It's been so fun and I love being a part of everyone's big announcement.

Here are some recent pregnancy announcements/ tracking with my signs from  Pearl Pear Designs.

Pregnancy Week by Week Tracking Pictures

Isn't she darling?  I have a few options for taking bi-weekly/ monthly pregnancy pictures.  This is one of my favorite designs, it's a 16x20 custom last name chalkboard print that tracks the progress of your baby.  

Pennant I'm being Promoted to Big Brother/ Big Sister Chalkboard

Love these cute pregnancy announcements with the colored pennants.  I love seeing how the customers choose to use the announcements.  Some are framed (like the first announcement) or held/put on foamboard (like the one below).  Either way it is so cute!

Guard Dog Pregnancy Announcement

Dogs are definitely a part of the family.  I love these cute pregnancy announcements using their dogs.  The phrase "guard dog" is used for some of these designs and I love how they turned out!

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes Baby....

I love the customization for this pregnancy chalkboard announcement.  You can include the important dates of love, marriage, then of course BABY!

We're Expecting Pregnancy Announcement Chalkboard

I love when customers take beautiful pictures.  I'm not even close to a beach or palm trees so it's gorgeous when they take pictures with a beautiful scenery.

Guess what, we're expecting pregnancy announcement

 Some of my most popular designs this month is a set of three signs like the one below.  Customers choose to take one picture (with all three signs) or take separate pictures like this to announce their pregnancy.

Last Name Customized Pregnancy Announcement

I love customized... well pretty much anything.  I love when things are personal and they just are special to me.  Many of my designs display the last name of the baby coming.  So cute!  I also have 

Birthday Chalkboard Stats

I love the cute designs I have up for birthday chalkboard prints. Customers use these for cake smashes, birthday decor, and for pictures.  I love how cute they are!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

9 months

I was a little behind with his pictures, but it's finally up and little O is 9 months!  He is still cutest thing around and has the sweetest disposition.  When I pick him up he'll wrap his arms around my neck for hugs and his new thing is to give me kisses on my cheek.  He loves my hair and knows to be gentle with it.  When he nurses or when I hold him he loves to stroke my hair or grab onto it, even when it's pulled back in a ponytail.

He is becoming really active and is a little explorer and loves watching kids.  We'll go to the zoo and he'll just watch kids and see what they are doing.  We went on the plane with him last month and he was sooo good!  We had four plane rides altogether there and back and he was amazing.  He loves being with mom and dad.

I thought this picture was really cute, he gets so excited and happy when we play around, wrestle, or tickle.  

He loves being on his knees and is taking a few knee steps before getting his tummy on the ground, he's been able to cross the room the last few weeks and we call his new crawl "the worm" because that's exactly what it looks like.