Wednesday, April 27, 2016

34 weeks pregnancy

Last week at my doctor's appointment (33 weeks) I was dilated to a 2, baby is in the right position (he was breeched earlier at my ultrasound at 20 weeks), he's measuring big.

This week at 34 weeks I'm still 2 cm, effaced 70%, baby is still measuring big.  Just a few more weeks I hope don't come too soon!

Everything is pretty much in order, I'm trying to do less and not leave the house as much or have playdates to go places.  I still have no carpal tunnel (with my first I had the hardest time with my hands), I am sleeping well still, I get up once sometimes twice a night to use the bathroom.  I usually fall right back asleep but sometimes I lay wide awake for 1/2 hour but fall asleep. I feel comfortable when I sleep and I sleep with a pillow inbetween my legs (for the last few months). 

I'm still not eating as many meals and feel like I was continually starving like I was with my first.  For the last one or even two months with Owen (probably two) I was downing 6-8 decent size meals a day and couldn't last through the night without waking up and eating.  And, I would eat the moment before I fell asleep (woke up in the middle of the night for some applesauce or something) then right when I woke I would go straight downstairs and eat.  This pregnancy so far, my eating has been wake up, get some work done or wait for Owen to wake up (which could be around 9-10), eat cereal, for lunch eat something here like leftovers, grilled cheese, toast and eggs etc, then dinner I usually eat a lot of and have a snack later.

Owen's big boy room is coming along, we moved the guest room downstairs, everything is clean and I try to continue cleaning it everyday, I'm on top of my work orders, I turn 35 weeks this weekend!