Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby Portrait Props

How old is your little boy or girl? Do you have pictures of them, video, precious moments and words documented so you can remember? Whether your baby is a few months old or a few years old you should take the time to take pictures of them. Baby pictures are so important to have because you can look back and remember those amazing times... because they do go by so quick and don't last forever. Here are some of my favorite baby pictures:
This photographer took an amazing picture of this little baby and used great props. They used these pink balloons and vintage chair which made it a perfect picture for this little girl.

I love baby pictures that use vintage frames. Look at the attention that it 'frames' around these little girls in their adorable frilly dresses.

Found at:
Found at:
Another cute prop you can use in baby photos are letters. I love when they spell out a baby's name, initial, LOVE, whatever it might be. Way cute.
Found at:
Look at these two precious angels in their baskets. Both have a blanket to prop them up so they won't fall under and be hidden. Notice too these cute headbands on these girls. These are definitely pictures you'll look back on and remember all of those times when they were just tiny.

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