Thursday, April 26, 2012

bits + pieces Collection from Bailey Baby Design

Bailey Baby Design is a company that designs and sews baby products that are perfect for your little boy or girl.  You can find darling handmade baby sleepers, t-shirts, onsies, hairclips, and seat covers that are affordable and great for gifts. 
My favorite is their bits + pieces line for cute boy, girl, and baby products.  You can find applique products that are cute and comfortable and so many cute patterns and colors. Another great thing is that you don't need to handwash their clothing, everything is 100% cotton and can be machined washed... thank goodness!
Bailey Baby Design also has so many cute accessories to go with your little one's cute outfits.  They have different clips for different holidays that you can put on a headband, in her hair, or on her dress or shirt.  Look at this cute lady bug clip, so darling, I love how you can buy the lady bug onsie to match!

Here are just a handful of cute patterns and colors you can find at Bailey Baby Design.  From cute flowers, to rocket ships and frogs, you can find a huge variety for your baby or toddler.  So drop on buy to their online store to find your little one's perfect Bailey Baby Design products.