Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bridesmaid dresses

So there are still some things I've wanted to blog about about our wedding. I think by the time it was finally done we were exhausted from the big day and excited to move forward. I wanted to show some pics of my bridesmaids and cute little 'flower' girls and guy for our wedding.

I knew I wanted something classical and so my mom and I found these cute gray pencil skirts at Banana Rep. The tops we found at H&M which I loved and they were close to my blue wedding color so I decided to use it.

I gave my bridesmaids pearl necklaces which they wore and looked so cute.

My mom and Mrs. Curtis made these adorable little dresses for our nieces. They looked so cute in their antique looking style.

Crazy Family Window Stickers

I see family window stickers on cars everywhere. There are some that have little stick figure family members, but then others are very interesting. I don't know why people put up sandals or soccerballs to represent their family, but here are a few good ones I found that people have put up on their car windows: