Friday, June 10, 2011

High School: Five Year Reunion

Wow, it's been 5 years since I graduated from high school this last week. I am so relieved I'm not in high school anymore. At graduation from hs I was so done and moved on it wasn't even funny, I loved my experience so much more at BYU but either way there is a time to move on and it makes me sad when people continue to live in the high school or college state of mind instead of moving forward. As great as my experience was at BYU I knew it was time to move on and create even better experiences ahead. Anyway, it's crazy how time has gone by so quickly. I was thinking of things about me to share from high school here are some of them:

School mascot: Maple Leaf
Activities: softball, track, musicals, orchestra, honors society
Worst grade: US History
Best achievement: 5 on my AP Calculus exam and medal in track in the 4x200 I believe
I was: the nice good girl with good grades
Biggest dream: BYU
Work: my uncles law firm during the school yr around my activities and in the summer
Getaways: we would go to FL every February for mid-winter break
Members of the church at my school: 4
Favorite classes: loved science, foods classes, photography, japanese
Favorite music: Kelly Clarkson and country
In the summer: full time work and hang at the swim club. Tennis too and lots of babysitting
Avg studying each day: 5-7 hrs every day
Avg wake up time: 5
Car Issues: My car died because I didn't change the oil in my car
Fun events: football games and Field Days (huge deal been going on for 70+ yrs)
Family Facts: my dad and his siblings went there and my grandpa did some projects in designing or overseeing it being built
ACT: Hated it, took it 4 times
Greatest Feeling: In musicals when the curtain opened for the first time and the crowd would go wild and when the curtain closed because you felt relieved.
Most influential teacher: Mrs. Rudy. I TA for her too
Embarrassing moment: giving a speech and when I was making a joke I couldn't stop laughing at my own joke. Teacher gave me bonus points though.