Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where You Can Find Chevron In A Nursery

Chevron is a really popular pattern right now. You can find chevron everywhere and it is especially cute in baby nurseries for both boys and girls.
This nursery has a wonderful chevron rug on the floor with teal and white colors. They used grays and whites which could have made the room really subtle and calm, but the bright pops of color make this room feel more vibrant and bright. These 'pops' with the orange and pinks as accents all over the room from the wall art and changing table. My favorite is the pop of pink hidden at the skirting of the crib, ties everything in so well.
Here is chevron patterns in wall decor. Super simple and way cute. I like how the frames are all white and they chose different colors with white chevron. These pictures have animals on top of the chevron, but you could customize your framed pieces and could do something else like initials, names, trains, ballerinas, flowers, etc. over the chevron. There are so many options from this cute idea.

Here is chevron in baby bedding from Carousel Designs. If you saw the post about Oliver's Room, there is way cute chevron in the bedding and carpet in similar colors. The yellow and gray used are perfect together. Even if you wanted to make the room more girly and replace the gray chevron with a peach or a pink, it would look really good with everything this baby room.

Here is another example of chevron in a baby nursery, this time as accessories in the pillows, foot rest, and on the changing table. The dark gray chevron looks great with the turquoise, whites, and charcoal. (From The designer chose white furniture, curtains, shelves, and frames which really goes well with the colors in the room. You can't really see, but the floor is a dark wood which makes the lighter and darker colors in the room go well with each other.

Here is chevron on a nursery room wall. Look how great this looks, the designer chose to have one accent wall made with a gray and white chevron pattern. They also chose yellow, gray, and some teal in their design like in a photo photo above. For me, I would chose a different image above the baby crib like a mirror or large frame around the letter. I know you don't want to cover up too much of the chevron wall, but the "G" looks out of place and hidden in the same color wall and behind the mobile.
Here is another fabulous chevron piece. This chair has a thinner chevron pattern and the bold pattern and color make this piece stand out. For this chair I would definitely take the large pillow away (it covers it up too much) and replace it with a smaller pillow or no pillow at all. Anyway, such a cute addition to this nursery. (From
The rest of the pictures are from Wee Decor

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  1. Love the charming tree! It would be perfect in my little girl's room redo coming wall decals


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