Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Shower Sock Corsage Wristlets

Today I have another baby shower "must-have" product.  Blooming Baby has floral inspired baby gifts that are perfect for baby showers, newborn gifts, hospital presents, and so much more.  They have incredible floral bouquets made with clothing items your baby will wear along with keepsake vases, sushi trays, and  sock wristlets.
My favorite product is their Sock Wristlets which look like elegant corsages for a mother-to-be to wear on her wrist.   This is ideal for baby showers and is such a cute and clever way for a new mother to wear for her big baby shower party!
The Sock Wristlets from comes in many colors.  You can find blues, browns, and greens for a baby boy corsage, and pinks and lavenders for baby girls.  They also have gender neutral colors as well such as yellows, greens, and whites. 

In these Sock Wristlet you will find beautiful ribbons, flowers, cute bumble bee, and four baby socks carefully designed into the shape of a budding flower.  This is an amazing and unique baby shwoer item that will definitely be talked about throughout and after the shower.
Blooming Baby also creates beautiful welcoming bouquets made from clothing and gifts for the new baby.  These bouquets are packed full of essentials that every mother, and baby will love.  These are beautifully put together and are all ready for you to send to your expecting friend.  

From onesies, receiving blankets, socks, washcloths, shampoo, wipes, diapers, sunglasses and much more, you can find a large variety of Blooming Baby welcoming bouquets that have all the baby essential items you need.  Here is an example of their Bucket O Cuteness and all of the items that come in it! What a great deal, they have many different bouquets that you can choose from.

Baby Shower Gift in a Jar

I'm excited to show you a great idea for a baby shower.  I know people love to do gift baskets and other cute things (especially for something like a baby boy or girl shower) so I thought it would be cool to create the same kind of idea but in a jar.  Baby Shower Gift Jar!
In this picture below I carefully placed a baby bib, burp cloth, onesie, and a pair a baby shoes.  I love the way it looks!

Here is my Girl Baby Shower Gift in a Jar.  So cute.  I put the same items as in the jar above (bib, burp cloth, onesie, and shoes) but this time put a hair bow on top, kind of as a ribbon but their little baby girl would be able to use it. 

Same baby girl jar but I put a headband with the flower on the side.  Such a cute look.

Here are all of the items that went into this jar.  When they are placed in the jar, make sure that they are folded correctly so it has a nice appearance from the outside.  

Here is another baby shower jar I created with more items and without the shoes. It has a bib, burp cloth, onesie and ruffle bum (which are the ruffles in the middle).

Instead of a ribbon (like above) I placed a bow on top.  There are so many cute options, I tried to include different ideas so you can go all creative with this.  Again, such a great idea for a baby shower present.

Here are the items in the jar above minus the onesie.  If you lay out the items you want to put in your gift jar and figure out what things should be at the bottom and work your way up, it can look really cute!