Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sports Rugs from Kohls

Kohls has some of the cutest sports rugs for a baby boy nursery and sports bedrooms.  I love these rugs and how they are like different playing fields like for basketball, soccer, and swimming.   


They also have circular rugs from soccer ball rugs, basketball rugs, and football rugs for a cute boys sports themed nursery.

Here are a few more sports rugs for a cute sports baby nursery theme. I just love how cute all of these are!!!  Kohls has such great prices to help you design your sports nursery.

Kushies Ultra-Lite Diaper

Kushies offers one stop shopping for everything for babies and toddlers including award winning toys, baby essentials, bibs, diapers, layette, and much more!  With quality products and affordable items, they are definitely the place to shop.  You can check out Kushies monthly magazine, great tips and parenting guides on, and their Facebook page which includes promotions and many of their products.

As a worldwide leader for reusable cloth diapers, they excel in giving you a great product that is comfortable for your child and is well made.  These diapers that I am showing are their Ultra-Lite Diapers which are form-fitted and environmentally friendly. 

They are put together with 6 layers of 100% flannel cotton which has an absorbent inner layer, the outside is lightweight and waterproof.  They have a patented inner flap that is built in which can fold up or down to provide extra absorbency.  

These Ultra-Lite Diapers can be bought individually, but also in trial packs like the image below. Each pack can help you begin using cloth diapers, they come with 2 of the Ultra-Lite Diapers, 2 washcloths, 2 washable cotton diaper liners, and 10 flushable biodegradable diaper liners.  What a great deal!

The third option for this infamous Kushies cloth diapers are packs of 5 pack Ultra-Lite Diapers so you can receive a variety of colors and are ready to reuse this great product over and over again.   This product is great and definitely preferred and recommended because of its safety for the environment, money saving, and for your little one.