Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wild Cards!

I've worked on some more cards today!!! Kind notes to others say a lot whether it be holidays, events, thank you's, or special occasions. They can be so powerful and uplifting to others, even if its just a how-are-you-doing card.
Yesterday I received a note from my Visiting Teacher which really made my day. On Sunday, I had stood up for something during Sunday School and the note was a thank you for standing up for whats right. It sounds really simple, but this note really touched my heart and I was so grateful to her for taking the time in writing to me. She didn't need to do that, she lives the floor beneath me, but it made me realize more how we need to let people know we care and are there for them.
Here are some finished ones for today.

Thank You Card
Bad pic, it's green lettering

Wedding Card for a Friend

Baby Card for Natalie's New baby

Sorry another bad picture