Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Popular Chevron Crib Bedding

Chevron is such a popular pattern right now which you can find in clothes, accessories, room designs, artwork, and more. In baby nurseries this pattern is so darn cute! You can find so many cute colors and put as much, or as little of the pattern as you want. 
Here are tons of cute chevron sheets from http://www.babybedding.com for your baby nursery.  

I love this gray and yellow nursery.  The colors are so soft and you can see the gray and white chevron in the crib, rocking chair, and curtains. I love the pops of yellow in the little details. You can even see the yellow in the "B" on the pillow on the chair, the ties on the crib, shades on the lights, and hearts on the wall. 

Here is the price breakdown for this cute gray and yellow chevron sheets from http://www.babybedding.com  
Gray and Yellow Zig Zag Comforter: $119
Yellow sheets: $24

You can always use smaller amounts of chevron like this Owl Nursery.  I like how they put this cute owl bumper and found a matching gray chevron pattern for the crib skirt. 

More cute chevron sheets from this cute website.  I love the black and white chevron and polka dots. 

My favorite chevron pattern is this mist and gray chevron cribbing.  I love the lightness of the chevron patterns against the white crib and white wall.  The accent lights above are accents and draw your eye from its darker color.  Instead of those lights I would put a big chandelier in this room.
PS. That chevron lamp shade is to die for!

Here are the same mist and gray chevron sheets from this cute website. It is amazing how the same items in a room can look so different from their placement and how things are positioned. 

 My favorite thing about this pink chevron crib is how they also added a geometric pattern.  It breaks up the pattern nicely.  On the outside of this bumper (which costs $169) is a plain white, you could always put the patterns on the outside and choose a more basic crib skirt ($124).

Here is another pink chevron pattern with gray this time.  Again I love the different patterns they incorporated with the polka dots.  The cute ruffles on top are so darling and definitely the perfect girly touch for this girl nursery.  

I personally prefer lighter colors in a nursery but this combination of yellow and green in a nursery would look great.  

Beautiful Brown and White Nursery

Thanks Brooke for letting me share Hunter's Nursery. She did such a great job putting this cute brown and white nursery together. The art is amazing! She has beautiful wall art created by her brother and husband that looks amazing and I love seeing the cute animals around the room.  I am so in love with that houndstooth blanket.

When designing a nursery, you definitely want to have a comfortable chair for you and the baby.  There are so many gliders to choose from. 
Brooke found this glider for $20 and had covered the cushions with an outdoor fabric which would be awesome for quick cleaning.  I love the pattern she chose and the fabric is gender neutral so she can use it for other babies or she could always choose another fabric. 

Here is the cute changing table with wall art from her brother Josh.  You can see more of his artwork throughout the room as well.

The beautiful paintings on the wall were from her husband Dave.  I love this cute giraffe.  It makes this corner of the room so fun and you can see it well against the brown background.

Brooke purchased this from Etsy.  It has many family names on it which is cute. 

On the other side of the room you can see a beautiful tree wall art piece from Dave.  Wow this looks so great! I love how they hung the baby pictures on the branch.  It looks so sophisticated especially using the two colors (brown and white).  

Wow so cute! Love how the tree looks.  Brooke had two cute little ones in this room so you might see some girl things on this side of the room.  I love how this nursery turned out, feel free to see more pictures and her great ideas at Little Happies, she has so many cute parties for the kids you can see as well.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vintage Bunting Baby Shower

I am toward the end of my trip and am sorry for not posting more! Before I get back I wanted to share another gorgeous vintage themed baby shower! This one is a Vintage Bunting Baby Shower at 
www.glorioustreats.com.  This is her little sister's shower and what a cute theme and a great idea!

I love the darling fabric pennant they use.  I love these kinds of pennants because when they are done you don't need to throw them away, you can use them for a birthday sign or put it in your baby's room after.  I think the wooden blocks are so darling  I've seen when people paint these blocks to match the shower. 
What delicious food as well! Perfect finger foods and they are are put together so well.

Oh my, these cookies are amazing! Love the initial cookies and the adorable cookies with the pennants.  Definitely some of the cutest baby shower cookies I have seen.
I love these cookie favors for this baby shower. Jeremiah is the baby's name and I love how these were put together.  They look so amazing.  What a great job. 
I also love these drink ideas and when mason jars are used.  Colorful straws are such a great way to bring in color.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Must-have Diaper Wipe Cases

There are so many diaper wipe cases that look dull and boring. I rather have something cute and fun that I can put in a diaper bag, in the car, or put in a baby nursery. Audge Podge creates gorgeous diaper wipe cases that have beautiful fabrics and designs so you can have a more personalized and fun case.
I also love how Audge Podge does custom orders so you can choose your fabric and lining, and can request matching changing mat, burp cloth, pacifier clips, and more.
Some of my favorite cases are from Audge Podge. I love their beautiful Toile Diaper Wipe Cases for a sophisticated style and it looks amazing in a baby nursery and to carry around in your diaper bag.  Audge Podge has so many cute toile colors to choose from and many are gender neutral colors for a baby gift if you don't know the gender.
Another great feature, which you can see on this Black Toile Baby Boutique Diaper Wipes Case, is that for a dollar more you can an elastic band on the back of the cases to hold diapers. What a perfect idea to hold everything together.

Here is their Embossed Black Travel Baby Wipes Case. How perfect is this to throw in your black purse or diaper bag.  I love how this looks like leather but it actually is a vinyl which would also be quick and easy to wipe clean.  
I also love and appreciate their collection of US Army Troops Diaper Wipe Cases in blue, gold, and red. Perfect for women supporting their troops and loved ones.  You can choose which fabric you like along with the trim.

If you want a diaper wipe case a little bigger, Audge Podge has Large Diaper Wipe Cases which are perfect for a baby nursery changing table. Look how adorable these are, I couldn't go back to normal white diaper wipe cases.

 It's definitely time to throw away your plain, boring diaper case and get something trendy and fresh.  There are many amazing diaper wipe cases to choose from at Audge Podge and remember you can request them to custom make your case to fit your purse, baby nursery, or style.  
What a perfect baby shower gift starting at $7.99!

ERGObaby Carriers Just for You

Trying to find the right baby carrier for you? Many parents want to find the right kind of baby carrier where they can have enough support and comfort for their back and shoulders, choose to have the baby in the front or the back, that is safe and secures the baby, and that is easy to wash.

You might be having these concerns as well and want to find the perfect carrier for your baby from infancy to  when they are at the stage to confidently walk everywhere on their own. ERGO Baby Carriers from Petunia Pickle Bottom and ERGOBaby Sport help give you and your baby the comfort, support, safety, convenience, and style you need in a carrier.

Petunia Pickle Bottom is known for their impeccable design, materials, and make of their products.  Their carriers are so cute how can you resist these!!! These ERGObaby carriers are an ergonomic design which creates an even balance from the baby to the parent's hips and shoulders.  You can have the option of positioning the baby on your front or back depending on the task you will be doing or what the baby is comfortable with. 

Look how soft, safe, and comfortable this ERGObaby Carrier is for the mother and baby.  The carrier can hold infants (there is also an option to buy an infant insert for the ERGObaby Carrier) to toddlers up to 45 lbs.  The material is 100% organic and can be washed in the washing machine making it so convenient and easy to wash and take care of. 

The waist and shoulders are padded for your comfort, and can be extended to the length that you want.  The waist can be extended from a 25-43 inch waist.  The shoulders can fit well for someone 5 ft to 6.6 ft. The belt securely snaps into place and gives the comfort and flexibility you need to move around.. 
With cute patterns to choose from (like this Petunia Pickle Bottom ERGObaby Carrier Evening in Innsbruck) You can find other trendy patterns and accessories from Petunia Pickle Bottom to match.  

The ERGObaby Carrier is another popular and trendy choice.  This carrier has an extra vent to keep the baby and parent cooler and there is a detachable sleeping hood that you can choose to keep on or snap off for your little one.  You can also have pockets to store keys, snacks, or whatever you need to keep your hands free. 

This carrier is the ERGObaby Sport Red, whcih is light and breathable made with 35% cotton and 65% polyester for easy cleaning and comfort. The straps around the shoulders can extend 4 extra inches than many carriers and 5 inches more around the waist.  Check out some of the other cool patterns and colors from ERGObaby Sports.
This is the ERGObaby Original Galaxy.  It is the same ERGObaby brand and is a lot like the ERGObaby Sports carrier.  This carrier is very soft with 400 thread count of 100% cotton.  It is easy to wash, has comfortable foam shoulder belt and straps which also extend. . 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Giveaways to Love Tay Boutique, Alacarte Boutique, and more

Remember that cute post I made this last week about Love Tay Boutique's Sunsuits? Well enter to win a $100 certificate.

Or do you want to participate in the 1,000 fan Giveaway at AlacarteBoutique for some of their cute products?  Check it out here.

Get 20% and many more cool deals from Oopsie Daisy!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebrity Nursery: Dancing with the Stars J.R Martinez

Here is the gorgeous nursery for J.R. Martinez and partner Diana Gonzalez-Jones's new baby girl. J.R. Martinez is an actor, Iraq War veteran, and champion of "Dancing with the Stars" Season 13.  This nursery is so elegant and sophisticated and has great design throughout thanks to Little Crown Interiors.   The nursery will be featured in this week’s In-Touch Weekly which hits newsstands today!

The bedding is the Oilo's Freesia crib bedding, and the glider and diaper change pad can also be found at Oilo.  Oilo has a variety of chic baby bedding along with designer home furnishings that will look perfect in your home for an affordable price.  

Look at that beautiful red Oilo glider.  Most of the room is light and airy but the furniture is what pops and stands out.  The crib and dresser and glider are dark which brings your attention to them. 

Martinez and Gonzales-Jones said: "We absolutely love our Oilo glider! It is one of our favorite pieces in the room and has such a unique cool design that is actually very comfortable. Coupled with the very pretty design of our Oilo Freesia bedding, both are standout pieces that truly make our dream nursery extra amazing!”

Here is an image of the Naturalmat Handcrafted Coco Mat in this beautiful Little Crown Interiors' nursery.  This Naturalmat mattress is made with a variety of pure natural fiber which is great for the environment and the comfort of your baby. 

From the light hardwood floors, up to the beautiful chandelier high ceiling, this nursery looks comfortable and elegant.  I love the curtains on the windows and the accent wall which doesn't stand out too much from it's light pattern.  So beautiful.

Kushies Baby of the Month

Kushies announces the Kushies Baby of the Month contest where proud moms, dads, grandparents and others can submit photos of their most precious little ones wearing a favorite Kushies item. Each month a winner will receive $100 in fabulous Kushies products. This month’s contest will end on July 31 and a winner will be announced on August 1. For information check it out here.