Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great gift idea for a more usable Cookbook

So in the past I've gotten a cookbook or two and it usually has not been opened that much because I'm either unfamiliar with the recipe or think it will take too long so might as well just cook something I know how to make.

One of the things I got this year for Christmas from my fam was a blank cookbook to fill it with the recipes I want. The cookbook is blank but has tabs and sections for you to write down all the great recipes you want with it still being organized and not fall apart. Great present idea in my opinion!

Since I was home its forced me to get those awesome recipes my mom has cooked for me growing up and put them into the book so I can make those out here!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hand-drawn floorplans I made for my Interior Design research

I'm wrapping up some research I'm doing this last semester for my Interior Design professor. BEDROOM 1

I've made a bunch of floorplans through CAD programs and drawing and have done a few sketches really quick. Usually they would take a lot longer but I made some basic ones and my professor wasn't here to revise it with her so hopefully I didn't leave anything out! KITCHEN

Finished product with color of the first picture (above) BEDROOM 1

Friday, December 18, 2009

$2 Interior Design Kits at Joanns

The other day I found these two Interior Design Room Spacing Kits on Clearance at Joann Fabrics. I found them for both the Living Room and Bedroom and they used to be over $20 but I found them for $2!!!

I'm wrapping up my interior design research that I did this semester for my professor, and finding these templates I made copies of them and was able to cut out the different shapes and dimensions and make a few floor plans.
Inside the kits are over 250 stickers (of furniture, accessories, etc.), graphing paper, cardstock, scale ruler for the floorplan, design paper, and tips and design instructions.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

snow snow snow Snow SNOW!!

Aimee and I died getting to church today in the snow. It was the slushy kind of snow today and we got dumped with some overhead. Chris and I made bets when the first snow fall would be... he got it right (it was like Nov 14) and since the last week or two its been non-stop.

Aimee and I in the first snow fall of our Sophomore year two years back

This weekend was so fun. Got to go shopping for goodies, go out for dinner with Chris and see his mom's concert, and hang out with some of his siblings and their wife and kids. So fun hanging out with them!

It was dangerous too coming back to park by my complex. We have underground parking that you go down a ramp for. I was going down and back up to get to the parking lot behind my house and my car wouldn't make it. I let go of the gas and let my car slide backwards and as it did my car spun around and I missed the concrete wall by inches. Phew! I am so grateful me and my car were ok that's such a blessing. I feel really looked out for

Monday, December 7, 2009

I love to see the temple

When we were up in Salt Lake this last weekend we stopped by the temple to see the Christmas lights. To get people to leave they would shut off the lights at 10pm, and of course we got there at that very minute but we still enjoyed some lights and of course the beautiful Salt Lake City Temple.

Just some of the red lights lit up

Chris and I in front of the Salt Lake City Temple

Seeing all of the Christmas lights in front of the Salt Lake Temple

Sunday, December 6, 2009

BYU basketball playing at Energy Solutions?

Energy Solutions Arena is the huge indoor basketball arena where the Utah Jazz play. Chris is a huge fan of the Jazz and I love going to his apartment and watching the games. BYU played there yesterday because something else was held at the Marriott Center (where they usually play). We met up with some of his friends and it was so fun to get in for free and watch!!

We were allowed to go back and take pictures where the Jazz announcers talk about the game and later we met Thurl Bailey there and yes I am about 3 feet shorter than him hahah.
He goes "you just a little thing aren't you?" I was about to comment about his size... something about Goliath but I held back :) hahah

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dinner Group

Dinner group is the best thing ever! I've heard some of my friends be a part of dinner group in the past, and this semester my ward pushed for us to try it out. So worth it. There's eight people in each group and we each switch off to cook Monday- Thursday. So every weekday I show up to someone's apartment at 6:30pm (same time every day) and eat a huge homecooked meal, save a lot of food money, cook during the week only once every two weeks. I don't see the downside one bite... or bit :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I won?!

Wow, so I win like... never. Like never ever ever. This semester I've gotten some awesome free things and many are so random like this one.
During the BYU vs. Utah tailgate last weekend they had a few things you could put your name into. Eh I usually don't but Kim and I had to go around to all of the tailgate booths on Saturday to make sure everyone was doing ok and the Nuskin people asked us to apply for a drawing for this gift basket. Somehow I won! So exciting
I picked it up today and its a BYU duffle bag and its filled with t-shirts, BYU hat and stadium seat, football and a bunch of products from Nuskin and everything. So neat! That is so