Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jazz Playoffs!!!

Chris and I are having fun watching the NBA playoffs and especially with our favorite team (minus BYU) the Utah Jazz! When my family was in town we stayed right across the street from the Conference Center. We had a great time walking there and seeing the roof especially, going to the temple grounds and seeing a billion brides getting married, seeing the Joseph Smith movie, going to the Lion House and Geneology Center.
Such a fun time. While we were there, we decided to hunt for tickets and were about to get into Game 3!

Chris wearing the Jazz Jersey I got him for his birthday. Most perfect and best gift ever for him!!
Yes we were up there.. but the Jazz could still hear us
Stockton statue in front of Energy Solutions

We found a cool car while waiting for the game

Precious! Us before we found a sweet deal for tickets 5 minutes before the game. The Jazz ended up winning and were 2 - 1 at that time. Good game Go Jazz!GO JAZZ