Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How many diapers do babies go through?

Any guesses how many diapers babies will go through?  I saw these numbers from Babies R Us and I was shocked, especially since my numbers are very different from these so far.

Newborn/Size 1 (NB up to 10 lbs, Size 1 up to 14 lbs) = 320 diapers
Size 2 (up to 18 lbs) = 870 
Size 3 (up to 28 lbs) = 870 diapers
Size 4 (usually used until potty trained) =728 

Owen will be 5 months in a week and we are still on Size 1.  We've gone through at least 3 or 4 boxes of the 200 packs so far ( including Newborns) but our little niece started Size 1 diapers during her first month so they didn't really use Newborn sizes.  

I was telling my friend the best way to buy diapers is to do it in advance. That's what we did and I'm so glad because we've maybe bought a box of diapers and wipes since he's been born.  I told her that you get three free months with the Amazon Mom Program (through Amazon where you can save an additional 20% on diapers and wipes).  A monthly program is like $80 but about four months before Owen was due, we signed up and used the three free months to stock up on diapers which are already a discounted deal at Amazon, and then with the 20% I was saving I think $50 on my purchase a month.  I loved having the diapers available in my closet and bought up to a Size 2.  I definitely bought more Size 1 diapers then needed but am glad that we haven't had to run to the store in the middle of the night or pay for a lot of things for him recently which is nice.  

The first two months he was so expensive with buying things we didn't know we needed or wanted and so buying diapers ahead of time was an awesome plan.  So first time moms, I totally recommend buying diapers a few months out to save money and spread out how much you are spending because, believe it or not, babies can be expensive!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sleep tips for a 4 month?

Owen started sleeping through the night the day he turned 3 months.  That day was amazing because I slept like a brick and woke up frantic as I looked at the clock and it was two hours after his normal 4am wake up time.  I have a monitor by my bed and saw he was ok and relief came over me... "he slept through the night!"
Well, let's fast forward to now.  This will be the fourth week that he's been waking up several times during the night, his favorite time is the 4am hour and he'll always need to eat. Doesn't matter when he goes to bed, 10pm, 12am... he will wake up in the 4 am hour to feed and won't go to bed unless he eats.  I know that's not terrible because sometimes that's 6 hours, but now it's been three times a night (around midnight, 4am, then 6am then up by 9am).
Any tips to help him sleep, hopefully this is a quick phase even though it's been a month right?  I don't think he's sick but I guess teething always is an option.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Post Pregnancy Mindset - Love It

An article in the news caught my eye this week titled "Babies Ruin Bodies".  It caught my attention because just recently having a baby, I realize that my once slim body... didn't seem so tiny anymore.  My body definitely has gone up in sizes and I have thought many times looking at old pictures "wouldn't it be nice to be that size again?"
When I read the article, a woman said that phrase "babies ruin bodies" stuck with her and kept repeating in her head over and over again making her depressed and sad about her new post- pregnancy body.  It was one day when her daughter lovingly looked at her that she realized her baby loved her just how she was and she began to learn to love herself in her new curvy form.  
So many women are going along the same journey not feeling as good in their post pregnancy body.  I think the key is learning to love yourself no matter what shape or size you are.  My son Owen is almost 5 months and soaks in every little thing I do.  He takes in how I respond to situations and is looking at me every second.  I want him to learn how to love himself and feel good, I need to start with myself and teach him by example in loving myself no matter what.  There are so many bad examples in the world of how we need to look and act and how to never be satisfied with how you are.  The example starts with me.
I love this quote from the article:  “The weight will slowly come off or it won't. I have to be happy either way for my kiddos,” Vaughn said. “I was told (my son) would never happen for me. He's a huge blessing and the stretch marks, wider hips, and extra weight are just beautiful reminders of just that.” 
"I want [my baby] to love her body for all that it is capable of, and see the beauty of that every time she looks in the mirror... I want her to be driven to (take care of her body) solely for the health benefits, and not because of an unattainable expectation to be a certain size or shape.”

Instead of "babies ruin bodies" think "my body is ALWAYS beautiful"...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mom look at me!

 Owen is getting so big.  I love how at four months he's being more engaging and enjoying reading books, standing all of the time instead of sitting, and smiling and laughing a lot.  I love how parents goo and gaa to get babies to respond, even though it looks ridiculous it's a sign of love.
Story one from this week.  To work out  I run on the treadmill but also do Zumba on the wii... which I look absolutely ridiculous... Owen was in his Bumbo with his little rattle and he started screaming.  Owen's little finger got caught in the little ring, I was right there and got it out and just held him as he cried.  It's pretty much the first time he's been hurt and holding him I could feel so much love and also sadness for his little finger.  I just love my little guy, and yes his finger is ok and this picture with his rattle was before the incident.
Story two, daddy time. First of all, Owen loves facing us to study our expressions and loves playing as Dad lifts him up over his head.  Love these two.

Story three, Jordans.  Who said dressing boys was boring, well I proved them wrong.  Dressing boys is the best, Owen has a sporty look (like below) and a dresser trendy look.  Shoes are so cute for little boys, I made just to get at least one cute pair of shoes for every size.  

Friday, January 10, 2014

Zilio's Artisan Pizza

My family wanted to go try somewhere new for dinner so we stopped at the new Zilio's Artisan Pizza restaurant in Sandy, UT.  The pizza was SOoOo good, it's now our favorite pizza place to go to!  With it's Italian environment, we loved the design in this restaurant from the history of Zilio's on the walls and its design and artwork.

Zilios has 17 different pizzas and the prices were amazing at $6.50 a pizza for whatever kind you want.  We got four pizzas to try and split with our friends.  I haven't tried a Bianca pizza before (pizza with no sauce and just cheese) but I tried the Mama Zilio's Berry Pie and it was seriously so good and my favorite pizza.  We also had the Pig & Pineapple, Four Meat and BBQ Chicken (my second favorite). I love how these pizzas were made and they were a decent size so I was filled up and had leftovers.

Here are the pizzas at Zilio's

Marinara Pizzas
Three Cheese, Traditional Pepperoni, Marinara, Calabrese, Vegetariano, Margherita, Italian Sausage, Four Meat, Pig & Pinapple, Patata Pie

BBQ Pizzas
BBQ Chicken, Sweet Styled Pulled Pork

Bianca Italiano Pizzas
Pizza Bianca, Pear Pie, Bianca Arugula, Sorrentina, Mama Zilio's Berry Pie

Our travel buddies :) Always up to try new things with us, we've been excited to eat at Zilio's and invited them to come with us.

BFFs, see you guys soon!  Thanks for joining us for an awesome dinner at Zilio's!

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Friday, January 3, 2014

4 Month Owen

The day Owen turned 3 months he started sleeping through the night. He usually goes to bed 10-11pm then sleeps 6-8 hours, Wales up for a feeding, then gotta to bed for another few hours. One of my favorite parts of the day it's hearing his little voice in the monitor and getting him out of his crib. He always has a huge smile on his face and sometimes squeals because he's so excited to see us. 
Owens neck is strong and he loves sitting up in our arms and the last few days straightening out his legs and standing up on them all of the time. He loves sucking on his hands and bringing them close to his body when he laughs. He's playing with more toys and starting to grab for them. 
This month I was sick for a week and was so glad he didn't get it, his cradle cap was getting worse and after we tried everything, a prescription worked and his little head looks great. It looks like blonde hair is coming in on the top but the hair in the back is red so we'll see what color it will end up!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top 5 places to purchase Birth Announcements

There are so many cute places online to buy birth announcements, I had no idea where to start and many places were so expensive!  I got my newborn photos (shoutout to Lindsay Wright Photography who did an amazing job...info below) and had no idea where I should go for birth announcements.  After my research, I have come up with my 5 top places where to buy cute announcements.

1) Simply to Impress
I hadn't heard of Simply to Impress until I was browsing online and saw their awesome prices.  This is the place I ended up purchasing from.  Their birth announcements had so many cute designs and the quality of the announcements were very good along with the printing/color.

2) Minted
What I liked about Minted is that you can upload a picture and then it shows your picture on every birth announcement so it's easier to pick out which announcement will look the best.  I think Minted had the cutest designs but the prices were steeper then what I wanted to pay for.

3) Vista Print
I have used Vista Print before and have really liked the quality of their printing.  Their pricing for birth announcements was very reasonable but they definitely had less variety and had more basic announcement designs. 

4) Tiny Prints
I love the cute styles and backs that Tiny Prints had.  They are owned by Shutterfly who I love purchasing my photobooks from, they always have some kind of discount you can find online and their products are great.  They had a lot of cute patterns and backs and more options to add multiple pictures.

5) PearTree Greetings
I liked the creativity and designs in PearTree Greetings.  The website was easy to use and the announcements were definitely unique and cute!

Good luck with purchasing your birth announcements!

These pictures of mine were taken by Lindsay Wright Photography.  She did an amazing job and I could go on and on about the professionalism, variety of props and backdrops, and time she spent with our little one.  For pricing and information go to: http://www.lindsaywrightphotography.com/blog/.  She is located in Utah and has some great deals for Valentine's pictures which you can check out on Facebook as well.