Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting white residue off of dishes

For some reason we have been having trouble with our dishes becoming white.

Some reasons for white residue is:
Hard water
Too much detergent
Detergent not disolving properly

We are going to try this but says to soak your white residue dishes in white vinegar for 30 mins then rinse and dry.

Ways you can help prevent the whiteness:You can also put 1/4 cup of white vinegar in the dishwasher when starting a load. (they said to put it in a cup/bowl in the top rack).
Sometimes you can run the water in your sink to heat up the water in the dishwasher when it goes.
You can also try running the dishwasher with no dishes to help clean it as well.

Cute Coasters to Make

My friend at work got hit by a drunk driver and many ppl have helped her out the last few weeks. To say thank you she made coasters and I just made some following her instructions.

What you need:
Tiles (Home Depot haas 4x4 ones for $0.16 each)
Modge podge
Hot glue
Some kind of backing (felt, cork board which can be bought in squares at Hobby Lobby or in sheets from Home Depot)
Finishing spray

1) you cut squares with the paper you chose
2) use the modge podge to paste on the paper then use it on the top
3) spray the top with the finishing spray
4) with a hot glue gun, glue the backing you have chosen