Wednesday, October 17, 2012

4 tips to decorate your perfect nursery

I've been thinking about some steps to decorate your dream nursery and today I stumbled on this awesome graphic I found from Mural Max Interiors.  I love this image and the steps that you can take to decorate:

1) Pick your theme
Think about what theme you want in the baby nursery.  There are so many cute ideas from princess nurseries, jungle, sports, ballerina, nautical and more.  If you want to stay away from those kinds of themes, maybe you can think of a theme color you want to see in the room, or maybe something inspirational whether it be a cute pillow, pattern, or toy. 
Also think of how you want your nursery to look.  Do you want to see something more modern, or maybe chic and classy, or do you want to have something traditional or gender neutral to use for all of your children to come? It's up to you, decide which direction and go to step 2.
(If you don't have your nursery furniture picked out, this would be the time to choose)

2) Pick your crib bedding
Next, you'll want to pick the crib bedding for your little one. Keep in mind the 'theme' you chose for step 2, it doesn't mean you necessarily need to match the exact color or if you chose a theme like sports, you don't need to have the bed sheets, bumpers, pillows etc have sports all over. 

3) Pick your colors
Especially after you find your cute sheets, you will be able to develop more sense of the direction you want to go with designing your nursery.  I would pull the main colors from the bedding (since you picked that out and loved it) and create at least 2-4 colors you should carry throughout the room. 

4) Have fun with accessories
With the theme, bedding, colors in mind, find some cute accessories to put on the walls.  You can find cute pictures, rugs, curtains, and more!
Thanks Max Mural Interiors for your inspiration.