Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Buggy" each other with love

So my BYU roommate introduced me to the word "bug" to describe something annoying. If someone we knew was being a combo of dumb, annoying, rude, a jesabel, and arrogant... The word "bug" spoke for itself. Chris and I tease about it and its an inside joke so for Valentines Day, I found this bug and filled it with goodies. We now hide it to "bug" each other as a little reminder of our love.
Here's the bug in Chris' shoe

Ha, in Chris' jacket.

Chris hid it in my closet handing on the hangers.

And I hidout here in his side table by his bed and took this picture for him to find it.

We've his it a ton other times, today I found it under my pillow. Hmm where should I hide it next

Jazz game vs. Celtics

I got chris and I tickets all the way before Christmas for his bday. We finally got to go!

Their team is totally different now without the coach, Williams, and theo be guys. They played well tonight but didn't win, it was close. Either way it was fun with my hubby getting me from work and going up to see the game