Monday, April 28, 2014

Cousin Love

Took some cute pictures with the cousins last week.  It gets super hard to get everyone's attention but we tried.  We have a cute little bunch!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Customized Clothing by eShakti

The last few months I've been all about customizing things from jewelry, books, notebooks and more because it makes it more personal and special for me. I have never had my own personalized clothing item and I finally was able to with eShakti and I'm now in love with their site.

eShakti sells women's clothing items from dresses, jackets, tops, skirts, and more... but wait... they are the only company I know where you can affordably customize your clothing item to fit you exactly.  Here is my beautiful jacket, instead of a regular size I clicked the "custom" tab and put in all of my measurements from my upper arm, arm length, bust, hip, waist etc and the price to customize was $7.50!!!!  Totally worth it!

Here is the chart where I entered my specific measurements.  For only $7.50 to do this, that is amazing.  I'm really short... like really... so certain clothing just always, well, fits me totally wrong.  Not with eShakti!!!! I love their customized options and for such a great price!
Not only can they take your measurements to fit an item of clothing exactly to you, they can also adjust clothing like you see in the image below, lengthen the sleeves, add a collar, round the collar and more!

Umm, here are some of the future items I want to buy from eShakti.  So cute right!

So what will you get customized from eShakti?  Signing up for the first time you get a $25 coupon and right now there's buy 2 get 1 free on their whole site! Even better, my readers get 10% off when using "peares" now through May 5, 2014.
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Pictures

I love this beautiful spring weather and a chance to take pictures with the three of us.  Sometimes I still can't believe we are parents and have this adorable guy in our lives.  
Right now the trees are budding and we wanted to take advantage of picture taking.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement

Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement Picture Ideas

After starting my Etsy shop and putting up a few things to "test" the waters and what people were looking for, I quickly found that people were buying some chalkboard pregnancy announcement files I designed for myself when I was pregnant.  

The last few months I have had such a fun time designing these files and helping families make their "big announcement" special and fun!  Here are some amazing pictures of my chalkboard files that people have sent after the announced their pregnancy!

Pregnancy Chalkboard Announcement Baby #3

I absolutely love how cute this announcement turned out.  They were expecting baby #3 so we had three signs: Oldest Child, Middle Child (youngest crossed out) then "We're excited to announce Baby #3".  I love how it turned out.

Here is another darling photo of these two big brothers announcing baby #3 is on it's way! 

 Chalkboard Banner Pregnancy Announcement

One of my favorite pregnancy announcements was this chalkboard design with cute pink and blue hearts!  I love the wooden frame they chose and cute background!

Big Brother Breaking News Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement

Two reporters from Texas announced their pregnancy as "breaking news" and I love how cute their final picture and announcement turned out!

We're Expecting Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement

One of my first designs was this "we're expecting" chalkboard design with a vintage feel/border.  This sign has been bought in pretty much all sizes and I love how this cute announcement turned out.

Multiple Chalkboard Pregnancy Signs

Some popular signs come in two or three to help announce pregnancies!  Photo by Santina Eger

 Promoted to Big Sister or Big Brother Chalkboard Signs

 I love the chalkboard announcements that include the big brother and sisters.  A cute phrase is "promoted to big sister or brother" which has turned out so cute in these announcement pictures.

Only Child Expiring Chalkboard Printable

Another fun announcement is "only child expiring"!

For custom pregnancy announcements and tons of cute pregnancy and gender announcements check out  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Merco Local Box

I was so excited when my Merco Box came in the mail! Each month through Merco Local, you can receive a variety of amazing products from local Utah companies right at your door.  You are able to sign up for different monthly subscription and bam... your cute box filled with local goodies will come at the beginning of the month.
I love the idea and had fun being surprised from the products from their April box which included:

  • Eco Treasures soap nuts
  • Ashley Apothecary healing salve
  • Fit Me Tea (3 samples and filter)
  • Meals that Transform power bar and protein mix
  • Les Madelines
  • Mason Jar Coffee Roasters
  • Rodizio Grill gift card
  • Our Childrens Earth gift card
  • Downtime Yoga gift card
  • Ballet West gift card
I have used a few of the products (um that power bar didn't last 5 minutes), and I'm excited to keep on trying them throughout the month!  I hadn't heard of some of the product before (like the soap nuts) but my box had cards saying what everything was and how to use them.

I loved my box filled with Utah products! Not only is my money supporting the local community , jobs, and families, it's helping me get introduced to these wonderful companies so I can get a sample of their product and what they do.  
Signing up is easy and right now you can get 25% off with coupon code "iheartutah". 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

7 month Owen

Time is just flying! I can't believe it's been 7 months with our little guy. He's grown up so much this last month and can roll and can sit by himself for a few minutes. My favorite is his little tooth that just came in. He was a little sick mid month and not sleeping well at all. One night I got out of bed 20 times and many nights over 10 times. We thought he started teething a few months ago and thought this time, it must be teething. I kept checking every day and finally a little tooth came in! The second one on the bottom is starting to come up too so any day it will pierce through his gums.

He wakes up around 8-9am, we read books and practice sitting and play with toys, he eats his baby food, we play during the day and get things done or run errands, dad comes home and we later eat dinner, eat rice cereal, get ready for bed with bath and books then go to bed!