Monday, October 14, 2013

1 Month Reality Check

Baby Pears is six weeks which has gone by so fast! I have learned so much about being a mom and having a little baby. When I hear people say nothing can fully prepare you for being a parent they are right, 9 months you know he is coming but all of the sudden everything is put to the test.

*  How much you love this little person and how you'll do anything for them.
* Goodbye sleep, he's sleeping decent during the night and waking up only twice, but I'm still way exhausted and sleep is very unpredictable.
* He's being more engaging with us which is amazing. A few days ago he started smiling which is the happiest feeling in the world to see our baby do that!
* He loves cuddling and being held, which makes getting things done a little harder, but seeing that little face look up at me makes my heart melt. I love it.
* Our house is a mess, and I need to deal with it.  Yep, nothing else needs to be said to elaborate on that.
* Less time with just husband and I, but now we get to share our time with our little family.
* Holy diapers! We bought a pack of 96 exactly a week ago and we have less than 15 diapers left.
* I'm surprised how fast he's growing, he seems so much bigger at times like when he's holding up his neck or looking into our eyes and definitely recognizes us now.