Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to Make Baby Shower Clothing Cupcakes

Today I made these adorable Baby Shower Clothing Cupackes!!! They are so cute and way easy to make for a baby shower gift.

Here is everything you need: bib, burp cloth, onesie, stroller blanket, coffee liner, ribbon, and rubber band to make it easier.  If you have other things you want to incorporate like baby socks or headbands, that is totally fine to replace some of these items with those.  

First you need to start with the center of the cupcake.  I used a onesie, you hold it in your hand and press down in the middle. 
It is your choice to create a candle, but I used a rolled up bib to create a candle in the middle.  I started at one end and rolled it up tight and placed it in the middle of the onesie.

Here is the bib (candle) in the middle of the onesie, I placed it in the middle and put the rest of the onesie around it. 
Next you get your stroller blanket or another swaddling blanket and fold it nicely until it is just a few inches wide.  I placed the bib and onesie on the blanket and wrapped it really tight.  I made sure all of the ends of the bib and blanket were in the blanket (not sticking out) and that the top of both were sticking out of the top. 

After wrapping the blanket, I put a rubber band around to secure it (makes  it so much easier).  I then folded the burp cloth in half to wrap around the forming cupcake.

I then placed the coffee liner around the bottom and secured it with a ribbon.  So cute!

Here is a view of the clothing cupcake from above.  So cute! Such a perfect idea for a baby shower, you can place it in a cute box and even create many to give as a gift. 

I tried using different colors of burp cloths and loved using the blue to make it stand out.  I also used a thinner ribbon to show the "cupcake" liner (coffee liner) more clearly. 

Ta Da!!!! Here is an adorable Baby Shower Gift.  Such a cute clothing cupcake to share with friends and family.