Friday, April 20, 2012

Precious Newborn Ruffled Leggings

If you are expecting or have a newborn baby girl, you know that there are so many cute outfits and accessories that accentuate your little one's cute features. So I found these newborn ruffled leggings at Little Cherry Blossoms and they are adorable!!!! I love how there is so much detail as you can see from the bunching and flaring out towards the ends. These would be darling for baby pictures like the ones you see below.
These hot pink ruffled leggings are definitely a hit and are perfect to make these little legs even cuter!!
Too precious, look how adorable this is especially for these baby pictures. I love how you can put this little top with the ruffled leggings, a dress, or a cute baby tanktop would be super cute as well. You can find these in white, light pink, and bright pink up to size 6 months. They are also so soft so your baby will feel warm and comfortable.

In Little Cherry Blossoms you can find cute accessories to put with these leggings and many more cute outfits. From cute headbands, necklaces, crib shoes and sockies, and even tutus and tops that would be perfect with these newborn leggings.
Come check out their Facebook and website!

Knot Apron Outfits

Who said aprons are only supposed to be worn in the kitchen? Knot Aprons are an adorable creation from Silly Stinker Accessories that uses the design of the apron for cute girl outfits. You can wear a Knot Apron as a dress or a top, and wear them with pants, tights, or darling leggings. These Knot Aprons are just so cute and can be wore to dress up or dress down for whatever occasion.
Look how cute the Knot Apron looks from the front. The two straps come to the front and connect in a knot in the sash part of the outfit. Each of these darling pieces are handmade and the fabrics are chosen together to create it's own unique look.
This is the look from the back of the Knot Apron. I love the sash that ties in the back and is not in the way of her activities.
Here is this adorable outfit once again from the front. You can find a variety of colors and many accessories you can mix and match with this cute girlie clothing.
Here is a close up of the apron. Look how cute the structure and the detailing are. You can tell popular patterns are being used and the colors of the aprons and the straps look great together. As you can see there are many more colors you can choose from.

You can also find Silly Stinker Accessories on Facebook and on their blog.