Thursday, November 29, 2012

What is Elf on the Shelf?

Elf on the shelf is a new tradition to our family.  You can buy the kit that comes with a cute boy or girl elf, keepsake box, and a book about the elf to read to your children.  The elf comes out each day before Christmas and is a reminder for your kids to be nice, because the elf is always watching and will tell Santa if they have been naughty or nice that day.  It's fun because when the kids are asleep, you can move the elf into another location so when they wake up, they can search for where his/her new spot is. 

The book helps you know what to do and even says that the kids can not touch the elf and if they do, he can't go back to Santa to tell him the good things they did that day.  Such a fun new tradition and helps kids remember that the elf is always there watching if you are being naughty or nice.  Have fun too picking out a name for your elf and going to the Elf on the Shelf website to register him. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Fun gifts for baby showers

Jack and Jill Boutique have some way cute products for baby showers.  I love the creativity and how fun these are for a baby shower and for the baby.  
Here is their Bunch O' Bloomers which are bundled up baby bloomers with cute flowers on the bum.  The flowers pop out in the planters for a way cute baby gift.  

Jack and Jill have cute blankets that they sell, but have them with adorable cuddly stuffed animals holding the blankets.  I love how they have a few animals to choose from.  

I love these cute socks that they have in cute designs.  Here, they have the socks into a caterpillar, then an icecream cone, then on an octopus.  What an adorable way to give cute socks to a newborn baby.  

Jack and Jill Boutique also have cute hats that they put into a fun baby shower gift.  Here they have the hats on a back of a stuffed animal turtle.  

Lastly, here is a cute monkey snuggle sack and cap for your new baby to stay warm.  They have a few other animals like a frog, owl, and ladybug.  If you want something cute for your baby shower, Jack and Jill is the place to go!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Aden and Anais Muslin Blankets

Swaddle your little one in Aden and Anais blankets this holiday season.  Aden and Anais blankets are 100% breathable cotton muslin and made for your baby's comfort and warmth.  These Australian blankets have become a popular baby shower gift and must-have product for your baby, and celebrities have been spotted with these baby blankets because of their quality and stylish patterns.   But don't worry, Aden and Anais blankets are an affordable product so moms everywhere can have the luxury to use this sensational product. 

Qualities of Aden and Anais blankets:
  • Breathable - these blankets are breathable and don't overheat your baby, but helps regulate their own temperature. 
  • Softer and softer - the more you wash the blankets, the softer they get.  
  • Eco-friendly -  you can buy these blankets in muslin in natural, organic cotton, or bamboo which are eco-friendly. 
  • Stretchy - great for swaddling your baby and holding the fabric in place. 
  • Extra large- perfect for babies of all sizes and can be used for multiple uses as a stroller or carseat cover, burp cloth, tummy time play, and more. 
Here are these cute blankets seen on celebrity babies.  Starting at $32 at Oopsie Daisy, these Aden and Anais blankets can be yours!

Aden + Anais Bamboo Diwali 3 Pack

Photo from

Aden + Anais Bamboo Pyara 3 Pack

Photo from

Aden + Anais Classic Jungle Jam Swaddle 2 Pack

Photo from Very Rosenberry

Aden + Anais Classic Dreamer Swaddle - 4 Pack

Photo from Aden and Anais

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby shower drink ideas

Putting on a baby shower soon? Here are some clever and cute ideas how how to serve drinks. 

I absolutely love mason jars, I love how this baby shower tied a bow around the jars and used pink for the straws and sign.  From:

Here is another cute idea, you can wrap a cloth around the drinks and put a baby diaper safety pin to hold it in place.  I like how they used a pink drink for their girl baby shower.  This would be yummy with some Jones Soda. From:
Here is the same kind of idea with a cloth and baby pin.  It doesn't need to be a blue or pink drink, if you are using different colors in the baby shower, the drinks can be a great way to bring that color into the shower. From:
This baby shower used gray and yellow.  The drink was a great way to bring in that color.  I love the gray and white straws, what cool glass containers they used.  These could definitely be thrown in the dishwasher to use again for another party.  From:
Another cute drink idea for a baby shower was using milk.  I loved these cute milk glasses filled with milk with a cute straw and bow.  They used a palet of gray, white, and red.  Really really cute. From:

Another party using milk.  Can you tell these striped straws are quite popular? From:
I love the pitchers they used in this baby shower.  Using a few (whether they match or not) can look so cute and give a variety of options. From:

Back to mason jars, I love the bow ties around the jars and how the jars are placed onto a cake stand. 
If you want to decorate your mason jars more, you can buy different lids to put straws in.  Makes it really cute and something I would for sure use over and over again. From:

Here is a taller mason jar with a cute lid.  On this jar they glued a cute mustache sign to go along with their boy baby shower theme. 

Ha, I wanted to include this drink idea too, punching a hole in the top of a baby bottle for guests to drink milk out of.  You probably wouldn't be able to use the top part again, but interesting idea. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Petal n Pearl Boutique

Shabby chic headbands are perfect for so many events whether it is a holiday, new born or yearly pictures, birthdays, or going outside to play with mom for your beautiful baby girl.  I love the headbands from Petal n Pearl Boutique which are perfect for these occasions and every day wear.  

There is so much detail in these baby headbands.  I love the pearls, lace, jewels, flowers included in these headbands.  The best is how affordable these headbands are, you can find the headband below under $16! The headbands start under $8.  

Petal n Pearl has some pretty amazing baby headbands for the holidays.  I love this red and green which is perfect for Christmas, what a beautiful chic headband, I love the silver broach in the middle to give some sparkle.  Here are some other of their holiday headbands.

Headbands aren't their only specialty.  They have some amazing barefoot sandals like you see below.  So cute for your baby girls feet, I love their different styles and textures.

Another amazing product are their garters.  How cute are these anitque floral garters?!  They have so many garters to choose from and you can make sure you get the right size by giving them your actual thigh measurement at checkout.   They also stretch to give you a comfortable fit. 
What are your wedding colors?  Did you know Petal n Pearl allows you to choose your design and colors so you can customize your garters to be perfect for your big day!  
They can also use similar colors and styles if you want additional headbands or pieces for you or your flowergirls. Love that idea!   This teal garter below is my favorite! Look how beautiful and lacey they are. 

Check out their promotion for 20% off holiday specials!