Monday, May 17, 2010


I love our month anniversaries. It's so much fun to look back on when we began dated or the journey. I looked back on a few pictures of when we've dated. So cute!

Picture from one of his cousin's wedding receptions in the wintertime
The first picture I could find of us. This is before we were dating, we went up with some of my friends to a park where we had a bonfire and roasted some marshmallows.

This was the day of or day before we were official. I was staying at Kelly's apartment before going back to Michigan and on our way to our date I wanted to take a picture by Cosmo.

One of my favorite dates! Chris took me to a park and we swung on the big swing, watched the duckies, watched interesting people, and had a great time just talking.

Same date with the duck pond behind us.

Stopping for gas on our way to the lasagna party. There was a rainbow and I wanted us to get a picture in front of it (same time we took the picture that's on top of my blog). The guy who took our picture actually offered both of us jobs on the spot for something.

We went to a BYU at the Energy Solutions Arena. I got everyone in for free it was fun. I did marketing for BYU athletics and could get us really close for basketball or football.
Temple Square seeing all the lights. So beautiful. You can't really see us in this pic but this is a favorite for us. We were bummed out that night because we arrived at like 9:58 saying how excited the lights were still on and BAM.. the lights were out by 10:00 but eh, we were able to be there and see the temple.

When we went to Park City with his roommates. I bought a cute watch while we were up there and I got so car sick. Thanks for being there for me like always!

Dove in blue foam for a BYU event. So fun, I've always wanted to do it but my first three years here I was always working. We finally went and was a blast turning blue!
Watching BYU basketball. We were able to get onto the first few rows because I was with marketing. It was such a great basketball season.

Another reception we went to. It was fun being with Chris' family and he looks so cute.

More BYU football games. I had to help out a bit for this game but came up to visit him and the fam. Our eyes look the same color in this one.
Thanks so much for all the good memories and so much more to come!